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Batiste Dry Shampoo Review

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If there is one thing I hate most about my hair its how it looks if I don’t shampoo it every day. I know they say you aren’t supposed to wash it daily but I just cannot stand not to. I’ve heard of dry shampoo through commercials before and always wondered if it would work. There are times when I go to bed too late and sleep in too long which makes me run late in the morning, so there’s no chance of a shower sometimes. That’s why when I received a full sized sample recently for a review I decided to give it a shot. I figured I have nothing to lose by trying it.

The company, Batiste, gave two products; a 6.73 fl oz can of Batiste and a competitor’s 2 oz sample size to test against the Batiste brand. Because I am a review blogger who blogs about many different brands, I will not disclose the competitor but will say I did not see a big difference between the two at all. To be honest I did not like either of them and would not use them but my daughter LOVED the Batiste dry shampoo. She stated that the Batiste product took the oil and shine from her hair and made her hair appear clean. This is what she had to say about the product,

“I recently reviewed Batiste (floral and flirty blush) Dry Shampoo. This product is supposed to banish dirt and oil while giving it that out of the shower look. The Batiste product does exactly what it says! It takes away the oil and dirt from the scalp giving it volume which I loved! Unfortunately, it doesn’t get rid of the dandruff. I would definitely recommend this to a friend it’s a great styling product.  The competitor’s product made my hair oily and flat. It also smells like hairspray but the Batiste brand has a good floral smell to it; it smells like flowers. The only negative thing I want to say about both products is that they both left white powder all over my hair. The price is acceptable, only around $10.00, for this great product.” (Mahaylah ).  Dry shampoo works in the same way normal shampoo does only its “dry”, so you do not get your hair wet. Batiste is made from rice starch instead of corn starts, which is what other leading brands put in their dry shampoo. Corn starch makes your hair heavy; I realized that after putting the competitor’s dry shampoo in my hair, it was heavy feeling and greasy feeling plus left a lot of white residue. Batiste also left the white residue but my hair felt lighter and less greasy and fuller.  Part of the reason I did not care for Batiste was because it left white powdery residue all over my hair and was extremely noticeable. As you can see above, it was also my daughter’s concern. After contacting the company I found out they have Batiste for different ethnicity. For those who have dark hair they have Dark & Deep Brown color.  They also have 6 other verities for different hair colors. It would have been nice to know that before they sent me the product to review, since mine and my daughter’s hair is dark. Unfortunately, I was not made aware that there were 7 kinds to choose from and they sent the product directly to me without asking any hair color questions. I did like the smell of the product and cannot say for certain that I would not recommend the product. I just was not given the opportunity to review the correct kind for my hair color. If you look at the above picture you can’t really see the white powdery substance too much but believe me it is there. My hair is a dark gold color so it’s not easy to photograph. However, here is a clear example of what this product in “Floral & Flirty Blush” will do to a dark haired person.

So you can see that the company should have communicated better before sending the product to us.  I also do not see any warning on the can that this particular variety is for dark colored hair.  The company suggested I make sure I shake the can  vigorously before applying but I tried that and saw no  difference in the amount of white residue.


It pains me to give a negative review. No blogger wants to be put in a position where they have to give a poor review but it is my job to give an accurate assessment of a product.  Unfortunately, because of the white residue I cannot recommend  Floral & Flirty Blush” to my fans who have light hair.


you can look at what Batiste has to offer on this Amazon page. There are plenty of options if you would like to try the brand. Batist Dry Shampoo Options



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