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How to Prevent Holiday Blues With iPrevail

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The holidays are coming at us fast and I can already feel the stress building up. I don’t want the next few months to be full of mom guilt as I try to juggle the holidays and keep my house organized. So I am taking steps now to make sure the relationships that matter most to me are priority. I want to make sure that myself, family and my close friends are taken care of first.

Did you know that 80% of working moms feel overwhelmed this time of year? They find managing their homes to be a challenge more than anything else.

During the holidays working moms are more likely to say yes to unreasonable demands on their time. They find themselves working longer hours, baking hundreds of cookies each week for school bake sales, volunteering at their kids sports events, helping friends and family out, and even dedicate large portions of their time to church events.

It seems that the word no isn’t in moms vocabulary during the holidays but it can and should be because taking care of yourself first is important.

What can help?

Practicing mindfulness and learning to say no can go a long way in reducing holiday stress. If you are having a hard time saying no because you feel guilty maybe a little cognitive behavioral therapy can help.

iPrevail is a short term solution that gets big results for very little money. It is based of the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and iPrevail is available to you online from the comfort of your own home. For $10 a month you can learn to reduce your stress by changing your thoughts, behaviors, and patterns.

iPrevail is completely confidential, and anonymous. No one will know you are using it unless you tell them. iPrevail never shares any of your details so everything is completely safe and confidential.

You can sign up for the program for $10 a month, and there is a rewards program that allows you to earn back what you spend plus much more. Each time you do an activity you earn points and those points can be traded in for Amazon gift cards. Each activity is worth 10 to 150 points. The points stack up extremely fast, and its very easy to earn points

250 points earns you $5 Amazon

500 points earns you $10 Amazon

1250 points earns you $25 Amazon

and so on…


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