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Review of Frozen Bean Frapp Mixes

frozen bean

I am a coffee lover and with that comes the love of certain coffee shops. If you are a coffee lover then you speak my language and know that there are shops you try to avoid and those that you are willing to slowly pace through a long line for. The perfect cup of Joe is worth waiting for!

With the summer months we get the chance to sip frozen and iced coffees. I must admit I have never been a fan of these types. That is until I met Frozen Bean! I have never met a bean that I loved so much 🙂

I am sure by now you know I am not talking about Pinto or Black beans. I am talking COFFEE BEANS and other yummy goodness packaged into a delicious packet ready for ice and cream!

As soon as you open the packet you get a woof of deliciously roasted aromatic coffee beans . The taste is out of this world good. I am hooked!


The above picture is what the packets look like. You add milk, cream or half and half to a blender. Add one packet of your choice and about 12 ounces of ice. I like to use crushed ice because I worry my blender blades will get dull if I keep using cubes but either is fine. The directions on their website say you need a commercial blender but i just used my Ninja Pro Series Blender and it did just fine.

Frozen Bean is the leading manufacturer of specialty dessert drinks. They offer a wide assortment of coffee’s, chocolate drinks and more. Do make sure to check out their website here.




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