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Father’s Day Gift Feature: Fellowes M-12C Shredder

Dad’s with an office would be thrilled to have this Fellowes M-12C Shredder because it is simply amazingly powerful. I spent the day testing it out so I would know if it is worth it’s cost, if it would hold up, if it would clog up and if it actually shredded the paper. The shredder survived my testing and not only surprised me at how well it shreds but it did not clog even once! Other shredders I have owned have clogged within a week of using it. Fellowes brand M-12C held up to my expectations.


If you haven’t heard of the Fellowes brand, it is a widely known company that sells office equipment like shredders, cutters, laminators, electronic holder’s for office equipment like tablets or laptops, binding machines and more.

CAM00010The first thing I noticed about the Fellowes shredder was that it resembles a desktop computer! It is shaped differently than I have seen shredders shaped which makes it able to easily fit into small places, such as underneath my computer desk or in tight squeezes. I also noticed how shiny it is, now normally I would not mention something like that as it doesn’t  explain it’s function but this shredder has a crisp design and it looks nice.

I don’t use a plastic bag with my shredder but if you were in an office you would want to so you did not make a mess. This shredder has an easy pull out drawer that is perfect for fitting a plastic bag into it without having to cram it back in place.


Paper/credit card entry

pull out bin

on/off switch



**Safesense technology : stops shredding immediately when hands touch the paper opening. I actually didn’t read the manual before using the shredder and couldn’t figure out why it kept pausing in the middle of shredding. It was because my fingers were on the paper opening as the paper was being shredded! So that is an interesting feature I discovered before reading 🙂

You can purchase Fellowes M-12C at Target  or on the Fellowes website . Please like them on Faceboook

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