diy perler earrings

I am about to share a best kept secret to making earring blanks

Oh my gosh it is so easy, and I am so excited to share with my readers this awesome diy perler earrings project. It did take me a few tries, and a few questions from the experts over at Rockin’ the Silhouette with Beads facebook group to get the temperature just right. Read on for the fine details as they are important to making this work. This post is for approximately 1/2 inch earring blanks once the beads melts down, and are made from perler beads.

You can purchase everything you need on Amazon. Here are the links to each product

Perler biggie beads $9.33 for 1200 beads

Earring posts & backs $3.63

E600 glue $3.99

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curio starter bundle


diy perler earrings

Supplies needed for perler earrings

You are going to need some perler biggie beads, a package of earring posts and backs, and some E6000 glue or you can also use hot glue. You will also need an oven and a non stick baking sheet (caution, to be safe you can’t use this for food again) to lay your perler beads on.

perler beads unmelted


Preheat your oven to 300 degrees

Line a non stick baking sheet with perler beads, spacing each bead 1/2 inch from each other

Place the pan of perler beads into the oven for 1 hour. Your beads should turn to this at the 1 hour mark.

perler melted

Take sheet out of the oven, and let the blanks cool for 10 minutes just to be sage. It typically takes 3-5 minutes for them to be cool enough to touch, but the baking sheet might still be too hot to touch.

Once the blanks are cool, loosen them from the pan, and flip each one over so the flat side is facing upward.

Place a drop or two of glue to the flat surface of the earring post, and place it glue side down onto the blank disc. Do this to each blank disc.

perler blanks

Let cool completely, and then stick the earring backing onto each earring.

You can wear them without any decoration or decorate them anyway you like.

finished perler

Stay tuned for more great design posts coming in the next few weeks

I hope this help you all make these earring blank discs. Remember to use only perler beads inside the house because another other kind is not safe to cook indoors. Stay tuned for some more diy perler earring design posts so you will have some ideas for decorating these super cute earrings. I will have diy posts for boys, and girls over the next few weeks.

You can purchase everything you need on Amazon. Here are the links to each product

Perler biggie beads $9.33 for 1200 beads

Earring posts & backs $3.63

E600 glue $3.99

To learn about decorating these earring go here



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