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Cheap Kitchenaid Mixers on ebay $159 Shipped (Retails for $399)

Stand Mixers Sale on ebay Today: Find Cheap Kitchenaid Mixers for $159 Shipped

Whooa this is a dream come true type of price on Artisan Kitcheaid Stand Mixers. Right now they are on sale on ebay for $159 shipped! These normally retail for $399 so this is a STEAL at this price. Got to love it when I find cheap kitchenaid mixers. Did I mention the shipping was free to?

artison kitchenaid stand mixer

When I got my Kitchenaid Mixer I paid over $180 for it. It was on sale at the time, and I was so excited because I had wanted one for years but could not afford it. I ended up saving my money for a couple months until I was able to buy one. That was over 7 years ago and its still working great. It used to be that cheap kitcheaid mixers were hard to find but now days during the holidays you can often find deals on them. A good stand mixer is one of the best kitchen appliance investments you can make. I think this might be the cheapest kitchenaid mixer I have seen without special offers though or having to go through hoops to qualify for the offer. This one is only $159, that’s it. No special codes to enter or special deals you have submit.

What Can I Use a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer For?

If you have never owned a stand mixer then you are in for a treat. I use mine for making bread, cookies, cakes, and even tamales. Once I used it to make dog treats. These machines last forever. Remember I said I have had mine for at least 7 years. My sister has a hand me down one that is over 100 years old and its still kicking. She is the 3rd person in our family to own it.  It can sometimes be hard to know which stand mixers sale to buy from but with my help I have found the least expensive and I will update this post whenever I find new deals on them.

This Artisan 5 qt Kitchenaid stand mixer is available in several colors and is $159 for only a short time. You can purchase right now from this link


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