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The Online Marketplace Novica Brings Unique Products to the World

The online worldwide shopping marketplace Novica is a gateway of rugs, paintings, handbags, masks, mirrors, textiles, fine carved goods, and jewelry made from artisans all over the world.  The company sells its products directly to customers from the artisans that make them. The artists are able to set their own prices, and Novica handles the rest. Novica is actually partially owned by The National Geographic has helped revive a dying art industry by bringing one of a kind, authentic art pieces to buyers around the world. The company helps bring wealth to impoverished areas while helping the economy grow in those impoverished areas through the artists they work with.

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Novica has many different artists that craft beautiful works of art for affordable prices. One of the benefits of shopping with Novica is that you are receiving products made in the countries the artists live, and therefore, are experiencing authentic cultural pieces that you may not be able find in the United States. You are also helping the artist make a living wage in the country they live in, ensuring that the economy is thriving.

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