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Calorie Killer Yoga Now Available at


Want to shed weight while becoming toned and at the same time develop better balance and elasticity?

Aclaimed Yoga instructor, Colleen Saidman has created this amazing Calorie Killer Yoga that provides mental and physical strength in a quick workout that can be done daily if wanted. The great thing about this DVD is that it actually torches calories as if you were doing a cardio session! For me it has been a great alternative to cardio since I often have trouble keeping up with the instructor during a regular cardio session.

Yoga has long been a favorite for women seeking better health while not over doing it with workouts. Yoga is a great way for women to achieve better balance but not many women think of it when it comes to trying to shed fat. The truth is Yoga is a great way to lose weight for those that cannot go to a gym or do hardcore physical activity.

I like to do Yoga because it helps me increase my sense of balance. I have always been off balance, and lately it has gotten worse. So worse in fact that if I stand on one foot I could very well fall over. Yoga has been the one thing that has really helped me become more balanced because it strengthens my core. I find that when I do Yoga I am also more flexible so I am actually able to stretch deeper.

You also might not realize it but Yoga is excellent for weight loss. It helps reset your metabolism, creates a sense of calmness within and is easy going on the body. Often you will find that even though you aren’t able to lift weights of run on a treadmill that you are able to do Yoga and meditation just fine. This is because Yoga is not hard on the body. It is a great way to get in shape if you have limitations on what you can do.

You can get this DVD at, and right now they are having a huge 70% off sale!

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