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If you live in the Pacific Northwest I am sure you have heard of See’s Candy, they are the leading chocolate factory in this part of the United States. They are especially popular here in Vancouver, Washington.

I remember my mom taking me to See’s Candy as early as 5 years old. I was always so excited to choose my own chocolate but coming from a 5 year old the big glass windows blocking my access to all the yummy chocolate posed a problem. If that glass hadn’t been there I definitely would have snatched a few chocolates when the big people weren’t looking. Thank goodness for the glass, right?

Emily’s Frugal Tips had the opportunity to try a variety of See’s Candy products a few weeks back for our getting ready for school projects. We included the giveaway and a blurb about See’s Candy in our food giveaway and the interest was shocking. More than 28,000 entries into the giveaway! We clearly had some interest in the chocolates!


When my package from See’s Candy arrived it was hard not to tear open the packaging immediately. I could smell those delicious chocolates so well and they were tempting me with their deliciousness. Unfortunately for me, I was on day 3 of Detox week for Revolt Fitness. Detox doesn’t have the word chocolate in its menu plan so I had to suffer through 2 more days of it before these chocolates were mine. Did I mention detox week involves eggs, lots of them. Yeah…

As soon as detox week was over I opened the truffles and they were looking good. It was hard to decide which truffle to eat and would I be able to stop at one? I didn’t feel very confident about that which is why I chose to eat my chocolates on my free day which is Saturday. I didn’t have to worry about being responsible πŸ˜‰



See’s Candy’s History


See’s Candy has been around since the 1920’s. To give you an idea of what that looks like, my grandfather who is in his late 80’s and born in 1933 tells me stories of how bread was .10 cents back then. I am sure you can imagine that they didn’t use all the chemicals and additives companies are now using as fillers. I am pleased to say that See’s Candy does not use any preservative’s in their products. They have stayed true to using basic ingredients and it shows in the taste.

So back to the truffles,

Fortunately two was satisfactory and to be honest I wouldn’t have been able to eat a 3rd without getting sick as See’s Candy’s chocolates are very rich. The box remained intact, that is until the kids came home from their friends house. I walked to the other side of the house and when I returned the box was only 3/4 full. I decided then and there that these truffles were going to be mine. The kids could eat the nougats but leave my truffles alone!

A couple days later theΒ  kids wanted to try the other box of chocolates so I opened them so they could take a couple out. This time I paid attention and made sure they couldn’t gorge themselves on chocolate, mom’s got to be boss πŸ˜‰


I wish I would have thought about taking a photo of a couple pieces broken in half so you could see what they look like inside. The quality is just surreal and the scent just emulates off of each piece. It’s making me crave See’s Candy just by writing about them πŸ™

Right now to celebrate back to school they are offering fundraisers. Classic candy bars for $108 (normally $148) per case. These are great for PTO fundraisers and will sell very well. You can find more information on their fundraiser page here

You can like See’s Candy on Facebook here

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