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Pacific Pillows Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down & Feather Pillow Review & Giveaway

Are any of you picky about the type of pillow you use? I am horrible with pillow shopping. It seems every time I get myself a new pillow it lasts only a couple weeks before it goes flat and is useless to me. I hate hard pillows and I also do not like lying down and feeling like there is no pillow underneath me. My pillow has to be just right or I do not sleep well. So when I was given the opportunity to review Pacific Pillows Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down and Feather Pillow  in Queen size. I was very skeptical that I would like it but I later found that this pillow is amazing and I must get an additional for my husband.

My pillow arrived quickly and was wrapped neatly in the shipping box. When I opened the box I was surprised at how big the pillow is both in length and in width but most importantly it had just the right amount of fluff! I have never owned a pillow made from feathers before but I do own a parrot so I’ve seen how big feathers can be and frankly they are like little needles. I have also seen a chicken or two plucked so the thought of sleeping on a pillow filled with feathers was, well, kind of weird. So I have to admit I was expecting to be poked in the head with a feather or two as I slept but that first night was like heaven. I mean, no I’ve not been to heaven but I do think this pillow might be as close as it comes.


According to their website the Pillowtex triple core pillow features a triple layer of fabric. The outer layers consist of 2 layers of 100 percent cotton material to help keep the feathers inside the pillow. The inner layers consist of 95 percent white duck feathers and 5 percent white duck down feathers. In case you are wondering, and I just feel like saying it anyway, down feathers are the fuzzy smaller feathers found under the wings and in between feathers. The down feathers help keep a bird warm and provides cushion so it’s not surprising that this pillow is so comfortable. The edges of the pillow are double stitched to keep the pillow from wearing out fast. I would have to agree that the pillow holds up well. When the package arrived my kids, before the realized the pillow belonged to mom, had fought over who would get to sleep on it first and both were pulling on opposite ends, it did not damage the pillow at all!


I have been sleeping with this pillow for nearly a month now and have to say I am still in love with it. The pillow has not worn down and it is still holding the feathers in. At $44.95 the price is appropriate for this kind of pillow. If you would like to purchase one you can do so here.

The company has offered my readers a giveaway for 1 Pillowtex Triple Core White Duck Down and Feather Pillow in Queen size. Please check back later in the week for a giveaway!

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