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 Oh my gosh! I’ve always wanted one of these so I hope you all know how lucky you are for the chance to win one!

Carmen’s Coupon Blog had the opportunity to Review the NetZero 4G Hotspot.

It was so easy to set up and use. Unfortunately for her the NetZero service is not available in her home area, so she was only able to use when traveling to Miami, FL with her family. Click Here to see if there is service in your area.

And her family is like any typical family, they have smartphones and kindles and several devices that can connect to the internet. And usually when traveling her kids and herself would have to rely on the apps already downloaded on the device.

Reyna Carmen’s 16 year old daughter loves to listen to Pandora even though the radio is on in the car but we all know you cant use Pandora unless you are connected to the internet. Well Reyna loved that she could still have her music and she didn’t have to listen to her parents music.

Erika Carmen’s 18 year old daughter finished reading the book she was reading and was able to look for a new book on Amazon without her having to wait until she could find a place that had public wi-fi.. to look for a new book.

DianAngela Carmen’s 6 year old daughter was able to watch movies on Netflix and she was not bothering her older sisters…

Even AnnaLei Carmen’s 4 mos. old daughter could enjoy the internet service listening to her lullabyes on the kindle so she could sleep and relax and enjoy the trip.

Carmen was able to be on her blog and her fb fan page during her whole trip of course to her husbands dismay!!

and of course her husband did the driving so he couldn’t access any internet service.

The wonderful thing about NetZero 4G Hotspot is that you can connect up to 5 devices at the same item with no worries…

Now her family loves traveling because no one gets bored because they can all be doing their own thing while being together.

Carmen does not have to worry about her girls connecting to public wi-fi and someone being able to connect to her kids devices and getting info that they don’t need to have.

Now Carmen gets to share her good fortune with 1 of her lucky fans.

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