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Many of you who follow my on facebook know that I have had a few life changes that have caused me to get behind on my blog and pages. Recently I got a new job, and then just a little under 2 weeks ago I moved from a large (in poor condition house) to an apartment complex in a better neighborhood, so that my kids could go to better schools.
About the move. We are all moved in but still unpacking. I also realized that I brought with me way more than I need in this tiny apartment. I’ve been working on recycling stuff all week. Books…craft magazines…stock pile of things I’ll never use…all donated to good causes.
And now I’m finally able to sit down and start to catch up on my blog responsibilities. I have many wonderful reviews to post. I am excited about several products I’ve tried recently to and plan to blog about them. One being the Roku! If you haven’t heard of Roku you should look it up immediately. It’s so so cool. But, I’ll write up a blog post about that as soon as I’ve used it long enough to give my honest opinion.
That’s all for now. Stay tuned. Good things are coming. 


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