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My Growing Potatoes Journey Part 1

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About a week ago I posted a picture of potatoes I had let sit too long and they formed eyes. Several of you suggested I plant them and only a couple suggested I just cut the eyes off and eat them. In fact it seemed like cutting the eyes off the potatoes to eat the potato was extremely taboo on my page! I have to admit I was a little surprised by that and also concerned because our country once relied to heavily on agriculture that we would just know potatoes are edible even though they have eyes. It seems today’s generation has lost some of it’s farmers. I would say it is evidenced by the reactions on my page. There was a time when eating an old potato would not be taboo! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I just find it interesting how our culture has changed over the years:)

Anyway, I did end up planting them. Well, actually first I cut them into chunks and then planted them. I was worried that since they were store bought maybe they would not grow so after a week I dug several up. I was surprised to find out they all rooted extremely fast.

It looks like I will have a crop of gold and red potatoes this year and I am totally excited about that.


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