Hey Clark County! $300 & a FREE Teeth Cleaning?


Hey Clark County fans. I just read an ad posted up in my apartments for free teeth cleaning plus $300! This program is through a dental school. I am not sure which school it is. It could be Clark College or somewhere else. The flyer said: get paid $300 for teeth cleaning. 

Stipulations are

*Must not have had your teeth cleaned in the last 7 years.
* Must have most of your natural teeth
* Must be able to sit in dental chair for prolonged amount of time (I’m guessing because it’s a board exam”.
* Must be available at exam time in June 2012
* Must be available for pre appointment. (My guess is they want to prequalify you).
If you are interested you can contact PAID TEETH CLEANING 360 597 6295 or through email 2012DHBP@GAMIL.COM

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