Coupons and Coupon Fraud Part 1

There are several types of coupon fraud but today I want to talk about one type in particular, because lately I have been seeing more and more fans talk about this subject. I want to shed some light on what is considered fraud.  I want to talk about when it is appropriate to email, snail mail or call a company and praise or complain about their products and when that act becomes malicious and fraud.

  1. You should send an email, snail mail or call if you are not satisfied with a product you purchased at a retailer NOT a discount store or outlet. Why? Because a discount store our outlet sells merchandise that was bought from big chain stores that are outdated, close to expiration or an overstock to resell at a cheaper price. You cannot and should not expect the company to refund you or send you a coupon for the purchase price when the item you purchased is from one of these stores.
  2. Never pretend that a product is not to your satisfaction, is damaged or expired in hopes of getting free product or coupons. That is considered fraud and you can go to jail for it. Plus it only hurts you in the long run because manufacturers count it as a loss and at the end of the year those losses play into what the new pricing will look like for next year. If you like a product do call, email or send the company a message on Facebook or Twitter. Companies love to hear what their customers have to say.
  3. Don’t make copies of coupons you print off the coupon sites or make copies of insert coupons or any other coupon. Making copies of coupons is fraud.

By adhering to these rules and respecting the law you make couponing easier for all of us. When people respect coupon laws manufacturers are willing to cut us coupon users a little slack, but when those laws are abused they start cutting back on the amount and type of coupons offered.

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