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Introducing the team players over at Sew Crazy Life . Read further to learn About Us.




Hi, I’m Emily, owner of Emily’s Frugal Tips. It all started with a single idea, to create a website that would help local families who reside in Vancouver, WA, save money on their grocery bill by using coupons, looking for deals, and living more frugally. The blog started off small. I didn’t know how to blog very well. My first blog, SEW Vancouver, was created to be a site dedicated to all things crafty; an outlet for my creative ability:)… Sew Vancouver is what got me in the door to the blogging world but where we’re headed is going to be much more fun. Contact emily@emilysfrugaltips.com


Hello, I’m Mahaylah, the second youngest blogger for the EFT brand. I enjoy photographry,  fashion design and modeling.  I have been apart of the Emily’s Frugal Tips brand since it was established in 2010. You will find me in the kitchen cooking up new recipes for the blog, modeling review items or creating new photographs for the blog.


CAM00525 I am Diego, blogger for D’s Corner on Emily’s Frugal Tips site. I also have been a part of the EFt brand since it started in 2010. I love to review video games and toys and I always write my own reviews so you will see my character in them. I also like to read. I am in middle school and play the Violin. I help mom in the veggie garden so you will often see me in our how to garden section on the blog.




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