Things to do in Mexico City

10 Things to do in Mexico City

Like in any large city around the globe, there may be specific locations best for you to avoid. Also, plan some activities that expand your knowledge of the local culture. Here are the top ten things to do in Mexico City.

Mexico City combines all the culture, history, adventure, food, and more to give you an experience like no other. Before you visit Mexico, it is always smart to plan so you can stay safe in Mexico City while enjoying your trip.

Mexico City Historical Center-Centro Historico

things to do in Mexico City

Before you visit Mexico City you must plan for a day here. Located in the heart of Mexico City, you will be immersed in the history of Mexico, with landmarks dating from the Aztec era. The expansive Zócalo plaza (Plaza de la Constitución) draws locals and tourists alike to places like Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Metropolitan Cathedral. The energetic scene along the pedestrian-only Calle Madero features street vendors and traditional taquerías.


things to do in Mexico City

The Mexico City borough of Xochimilco is a vision to behold. This World Heritage Site has vibrant markets featuring local wares alongside waterways where you can float the walled canals in traditional brightly decorated flat-bottomed boats called trajineras.

On your tour learn about the chinampas (man-made islands), which are used to grow vegetables and flowers. Enjoy the music of Mariachi bands and if you dare, visit the reportedly haunted Island of the Dolls.

Bosque de Chapultepec Grasshopper Park

Once a retreat for Aztec rulers, Bosque de Chapultepec is a large urban park and forest centered around a rock formation called Chapultepec Hill, or “hill that resembles a grasshopper.” This park features many museums, walking paths, sculptures, fountains, and lakes and is a favorite for Sunday relaxation by the locals.

Tourists tend to stick to the perimeter of the park, but you will be missing out if you do not explore all it has to offer.

Things to do in Mexico City

National Museum of Anthropology

This museum is located within Bosque de Chapultepec. The National Museum of Anthropology is devoted to Aztec, Maya, Toltec and Olmec history from which Mexicans can trace their origins.

 Things to do in Mexico City  Things to do in Mexico City

Church and Former Convent of San Juan Bautista-Coyoacán

Located in Coyoacán, this church is considered one of Mexico City’s most beautiful and is one of the oldest Catholic sacred places in the Mexican Valley. Built on top of a school for noble Aztec children, it became a national monument in 1934. Sadly we visited it right before close and it was dark and pouring rain.

Here’s some additional things to do in Mexico City

Basilica de Santa Maria de Guadalupe

Other things to do in Mexico City include this Basilica which holds an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, considered Mexico’s most famous religious icon. This church is built on the site where, in 1531, an Indian claimed to have seen the Virgin.


Museo de Arte Popular

This fun museum features regional culture and colorful folk art created to celebrate traditional events. The museum occupies an incredible 1920’s art deco building by architect Vicente Mendiola. For a beautiful souvenir, the museum shop offers authentic handicrafts.

Mexico Bike Tours

A great way to get fresh air and see Mexico City from a new perspective is to take a guided bike tour. On your excursion, you will pedal about the city while your tour guide gives insight into the areas you are exploring.

Cooking Lesson at Casa Jacaranda

Gain an authentic culinary experience learning Mexican cooking at Casa Jacaranda. Begin at the Medellín Market where your hosts help you pick out fresh ingredients. Return to the kitchen where your lesson includes cooking tips and secrets from your hosts. Head to the rooftop garden where the class enjoys their finished dishes.

Experience Some Favorite Local Bars

These bars located in the downtown area are places to enjoy a few drinks and also lets you stay safe in Mexico City. Tourists and locals mingle at the lively Tanampa bar with draft beer and tequila flowing freely while Mariachi bands roam.

For spectacular views pop into Miralto at sunset, where you can sip a cocktail while overlooking Mexico City. For the music lover, the Zinco Jazz Club is a well-hid gem where artists from around the world perform.

Learn how to stay safe in Mexico City here  

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