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Review provided by Real Reviews by Savvy K


Review by: Real Reviews by Savvy K

Just recently, I had the chance to review one amazing cleaning machine – the Steam Machine from HomeRight. I have been looking for a steam machine for awhile now because they are a much better way to clean without all the chemicals of other cleaning products. Not only that, but it is so much cheaper!

steam machine

HomeRight is a great company that sells products to help you with all of you do-it-yourself projects! They have many great items including paint sprayers, stain applicators, prep tools and the amazing SteamMachine!

The HomeRight SteamMachine is a multi-purpose power steamer that comes with so many attachments! The SteamMachine uses pressurized, high temperature, steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, grease, grime and kill bacteria. The SteamMachine attachments include…

Wallpaper steam plate
Floor steam mop with microfiber cleaning pad
Brass brush
Two nylon brushes
Jet nozzle
Measuring cup with fill funnel
Owners instruction manual

steam steam1 steam 2 steam 3 steam 4

The SteamMachine is great way to clean your house without all of the chemicals of other cleaning products! It also saves you money from buying these products every few weeks. With just one Steam Machine, you can clean practically every room in your house! It can be used to clean kitchen counter tops, ovens, stovetops, bathroom fixtures and barbecue grills. I personally loved to use it for my bathtub and the inside of my microwave. My microwave always seems to get the most dirty out of all my kitchen appliances, probably because it gets used so much. This bad boy really did a great job cleaning both the microwave and bathtub!

Below you can see the before and after of getting the dried crayon off of my bathroom walls. This steam cleaner did an amazing job!

bath tub

I also used the SteamMachine to clean around areas that are hard to clean like the bathroom faucet and around the toilet. It did an amazing job! The attachments worked great and really helped. I even used the steam mop attachment to clean my kitchen area. Since we live in a small space, we don’t own a mop because it would take up to much room and really isn’t worth having to get out a mop, bucket and soap for just the 4ft x 10ft of flooring. That is why I loved this attachment, it is perfect to have for small spaces!

Now that I have talked you into loving this amazing little cleaner, how about your chance to win! Enter using the rafflecopter below to win one of these amazing SteamMachines!

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