What Would You Do Series Review & Giveaway!

My two kids seem to have grown up so fast and as many of you know I have a teenage girl.  I constantly worry wither or not she’s making the right choices. I also worry about the youngest because he’s such a busy boy and doesn’t seem to think before he does things. So in my search to find something that I could do with them while teaching them valuable life lessons I came across a series of books written by Sandra McLead Humphrey from her What Would you Do Series and ironically she was looking for someone to review them. I jumped at the chance!

 It’s up To You: What Would You Do? This is a great tool to communicate better with your kids. Not only is it fun for them to go over each scenario but I liked that it teaches ethics. The book forces your child to think about ethics and how they affect our everyday life and I love that.
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 If You Had To Choose: What Would You Do? I think this one may be my favorite. It challenges kids to think about what they’d do is tough situations. It’s a practical tool that every kid should be practicing. It does seem more geared towards school ages K-5th grade, maybe 6th but I’d say my 7th grader wasn’t too interested in this one, she thought it not cool enough but the 10 yr old liked it and again, was adding his own answers. .
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More If You Had To Choose: What Would You Do? This book details different scenario to challenge your child’s thought on morals. It gives three examples of what the person should do and your child chooses his best answer. I feel this is a MUST read for children, especially in this age where children are being raised in a society that seems to think in the way of entitlement.  Read it WITH your child and go through each chapter as if it were an exercise.  My 10 year old son loved working through this book with me. He also liked coming up with alternative answers, actually, he did that with all 3 of the books.
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Sandra was awesome and offered a set of 3 books, everything that I reviewed, to one of my fans. You can enter the giveaway through the rafflecopter below.

 Bonus, if you send in a essay telling Sandra, in 300 words or less, about the most difficult decision you’ve had to make you could win  $50 plus an autographed book! Go to the Contest now

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  • Sarah Muennix

    These books seem to really have a great message in them for kids – helps guide them to make the right choices and decisions

  • Cynthia

    I think my son could really benefit from these books 🙂 I would love for him to read them and tell me what he would do in the different situations 🙂

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