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Sound the alarm! There’s an emergency in Umi City: a little girl is up in a tree house and she’s too scared to climb down. Milli, Geo, and Bot become firefighters for the day and set off to rescue their friend. But to save Abby, they’re going to need your help transforming UmiCar into Umi Fire Truck, figuring out sound patterns, looking for street signs, and more!
When a big storm hits, you’ll need to use your mighty math powers to help fix the sandbox, swings, slide, and bouncy bridge.
Dora and Boots are counting on you to help when they jump into a videogame to save 100 puppies from a mean dogcatcher.
Jump into a big ABC book with Dora and Boots to help an Armadillo find all the missing animals of the alphabet.
Three little piggies have left their pen. Dora and Boots need your help to find them before Swiper swipes their blue ribbons!
KidiJamz™ Baby Classics Volume 1
UmiFriends, it’s time to start your engines! All the fastest vehicles in town are entered in the Race Around Umi City, including UmiCar! Join Milli, Geo, and Bot as they try to win the balloon prize for their friend, Sam. But it won’t be easy, especially trying to outrace Dump Truck, who’s full of dirty tricks!
KidiJamz™ Sing-Along Songs Volume 3
KidiJamz™ Sing-Along Songs Volume 2
KidiJamz™ Sing-Along Songs Volume 1
There's a new fairy in Pixie Hollow, and her name is Tinker Bell! Though she's a tinker fairy, Tinker Bell wants to switch her talent. Could she be a water fairy? A garden fairy? Journey with Tinker Bell as she discovers the importance of being who she really is.
Sulley and Mike make a living working at Monsters Inc. scaring children. After all, children's screams give their town, Monstropolis, energy. But when Monstropolis has an energy shortage, Sulley's coworkers come up with a sneaky way to fix the problem. Can Sulley and Mike stop their evil plans before it's too late?
Pete wants to find the perfect present for his aunt, so he heads to Minnie's Bow-tique. There, he find Minnie, Mickey, and the rest of the gang. Mickey has the perfect microphone bow, Donald has a spiffy camera bow, and Clarabelle finds a unique grow bow for her hair. But Pete still hasn't found the right bow. Will Pete find the perfect present for his aunt?
Join the team as they go “Over, Under, Around and Through” the crowded subway car to get to the control booth, where they fix a broken subway train, and drive it full speed ahead to their friend’s birthday party.
The mighty mini team gets a call from a friend who really needs their help at the Umi City Airport!
When Bot accidentally puts on Crazy Skates, he can’t make them stop!  You’ll need to use your pattern power to get past animals blocking the paths and your shape power to build a giant bowl of spaghetti to catch Bot and his crazy skates!
Skate through the super supermarket to find the perfect yummy snack for UmiFriend Samantha and her baby brother.
Make your way to the Children’s Museum where the newest attraction has just arrived – The Rocket Ship Ride. Travel through the exciting exhibits and search for thee star tokens for an amazing flight on the rocket ship.
The team goes to a place where you can get any book you need – the Umi City Library. Find out how the library works, including how to get your very own library card!
Use your super shape power to help Geo build a train engine, a dog sled, a speedboat and more to rescue the team’s most trusty friend, UmiCar when he gets stuck on Iceberg Bay!


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