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Summer Beauty Guide 2014

This year’s summer beauty guide is off to a great start. We have some fantastic brands working with us this year. 

If you are interested in having your brand included in this year’s guide send Emily an email at

Top 15 Beauty Favorites

Sibu Facewash


Sibu Beauty products are made from the Sea Buckthorn, a plant that is found in the Himalayas. The plant produces berries and the berries are what help restore and protect your skin. This plant is better known in Asia and European countries as the “beauty berry” for its miracle properties.  The berries also contain essential fatty acids called Omega 7. Omega 7 also helps aid in digestion, better nails and skin and studies have recently shown it may help aid in keeping a healthy weight.

Sibu carries more then just skin care products, they also have a line of supplements and body creams that are quite lovely. Emily’s Frugal Tips received a facial cleanser and we were quite happy with and saw good results. I noticed better skin elasticity and it did not break my facial skin out which is common for me when trying new products.

If you would like to purchase Sibu Products please visit their website here.

Hapari Swimwear, for Plus Size too!


Finding swimwear that fits just right is hard work, especially if you are plus sized like I am. I dread swim season because I really hate putting on a bathing suite. It is true that people look better with clothes ON (unless you are a super model) and swimwear shows too much skin for my taste. Hapari Swimwear is not a miracle worker but their stuff is high quality and the fabric is thick so it is more forgiving then your average swimwear. The pieces I received flattens my tummy area and accentuates my curves. I definitely feel more confident with Hapari in my closet and the designs are cute. They also have maternity swimwear and they are super cute! i wish I would have known about them when I had my kids ages ago 😉

Check their website often for daily deals. You will find lots of great deals every week. Items as low as $5 plus shipping when you catch them on a good day!



PMD’s Microderm System is simply amazing! I wish I would have thought to take a before and after photo but my apartment gets poor lighting so I am not sure how well it would have been. Having said that, I could tell right away that it worked on my acne scars. It was not a huge difference but it was subtle enough to notice pretty quickly and it does great with fading those scars.

Exfoliation is extremely important to achieving glowing skin and if you did not already know, Microderm has a lot of benefits and is relatively painless. The process not only corrects uneven skin tone but can be used in the fight against aging as well, plus the process leaves your skin looking flawless. The suction in microdermabrasion helps shrink large pores because it pulls the gunk that is clogging them right out. I immediately noticed smaller pores which was great since it has been an ongoing struggle for me to shrink them and my pores were noticeably large.

PMD has two options, a professional series and a home use one that comes in many different colors. They also carry a very cool skin care line that has seen fantastic results.

PMD can be purchased here

Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher

Do you enjoy visiting the Spa but hate the price? This summer why not pamper yourself at home and save a little money in the process. Spa Sonic features many home spa products that are great for a day of relaxation. We got to try the face and body polisher set which is basically a spa like hand held machine that cleans and polishes the skin. I would not say it is powerful enough to do any microdermabrasion but I liked using it to clean my feet after spending the day at the beach or river. 

Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher come with 5 pieces: the machine, a small and large face brush, a facial sponge, a pumice stone attachment, and directions for use. It all comes nicely packaged in a box and would be a great item to pack on summer vacation to the beach or casino 😉

Personally, I did not use this for the face. I needed something to use on my feet since i garden several times a week and grow a huge veggie garden. As you can imagine during the summer months i am out there the most. My feet get pretty icky and I wanted something that would not only clean them well but polish my heels and sides of my feet since those are my trouble areas. Spa Sonic did the trick and more.  You can purchase the set here



During the winter everyone knows to protect their lips but when summer comes they are often the last thing on the list of summer must haves. But during the summer months lips get chapped to and it is important to take care of them just as you do in the winter. Long days at the beach can leave your lips feeling no love at all. That’s the worst thing about beach fun for me.

Have you seen the new Carmex Moisture Plus? They come in cute designs that resemble lipstick containers. Very stylish and they come in different patterns to match your purse or outfit. As soon as they arrived my daughter snatched them up quick. I had to go find them just so I could take photos for the review.

Carmex is the only brand that actually heals my chapped lips. I have tried other brands and they just do not hold up to the brand and while it does typically have a strong medicinal scent the new Moisture Plus has a less medicinal smell to it and added sunscreen.

Moisture Plus has everything you need to protect your lips from the harsh sun. It is formulated with Carmex’s ultra hydrating moisture plus technology and has an added bonus of SPF 15 for protection from the sun.

The designs are a limited edition so so definitely get them while you can because once they are gone they may not return.

Ambi Cooling Device


This was a must have item on my mom’s list of summer favorites. She suffers from migraines and to make matters even more complicated last year she had to have an emergency hysterectomy which caused her to go into early menopause. As you  can imagine the experience has not been fun for her, especially in the summer heat we have been having. Heat can and does bring on peoples migraines. Having an Ambi cooling device has been her saving grace for real!

Ambi is a portable cooling device that can stop migraines in their tracks. It is also a handy tool to have if you are going through menopause like my mom. Ambi is powered by Blu-Tec, a which is like a giant ice cube without the painful burn you get when holding an ice cube to naked skin. It is truly a great item to have with you when you will be out in the summer;s blistering heat. you can just flip on the switch and immediately have access to a cooling down system. You can get Ambi here.

Tree Hut SPF Daily Defense

tree hut

If you have not used Tree hut products you are seriously missing out. They are probably my favorite lotion brand available. The scents they carry are out of this world good. Seriously delicious scents that fit any occasion and I really mean ANY. You could total rock this product out at the beach or even at a wedding! We received two products from the new SPF Daily Defense line. I got Raspberry Macadamia Shea Butter Moisturizing body lotion and the same scent in their Dry Oil Mist. I like that the products have sun block in them because the sun has been out full blast this summer.

I’ll get the cons out of the way first. I did not care for the oil, it dried my skin out and I was not fond of the scent which was odd considering I had received the same scent as the lotion and really liked that.  It probably is just me but I felt the scents did not match. With all that being said, the lotion was BOMB! I really love the scent of it and it leaves my body silky smooth. When buying a lotion I always look for brands that have a good scent to them, do not test on animals and actually do what they claim to do,. Tree Hut products are top notch and they offer a full line of products including body wash and salt scrubs.I specifically buy Tree Hut products because I have not found another brand with the amount of scent and time it stays on your body after applying it. To find out where to buy click here

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo &  Dead Sea Salt Deep Conditioner from Adovia

I honestly wasn’t expecting a lot from this shampoo. I mean it literally looks like a bottle of mud, but boy does it clean! I was shocked at how nice my hair felt and smelled after using this shampoo. I am honestly hooked on this brand and will be buying it from now on because it is worth the cost. At first I did not like the masculine smell it has but after using it three times I discovered that the smell grows on you. It is actually a nice smell because it is not over powering girly so your husband or other boys in the house can use it and won’t have to worry about smelling like a flower ;). See the whole review here and you can purchase here You can purchase Dead Sea Mud Shampoo for $27.50 on Amazon. Trust me when I say it is worth EVERY PENNY. I really love this stuff. You can expect to see it listed in this years beauty guide!

We hope you enjoy this list of summer favorites. We certainly enjoyed finding great products to share on our site. If you have a favorite produce mention it in the comments area or head to our Facebook page and let us know what it is.


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