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I have always wanted to try a Soda Sparkle machine and now my fans have a chance to win one. How exciting! I hope my fans know how lucky they are that we get all these awesome sponsors to offer such amazing prizes like this one:)

Good luck everyone

So you have all heard about the new home soda makers, well I have been wanting to try one for a while because we drink soda and a home soda machine makes perfect sense, so I was very excited when I contacted SodaSparkle and they agreed to let me review the SodaSparkle system. Here is a little about the SodaSparkle before I tell you about my experience with it.

With SodaSparkle, turning tap water into easy-to-make carbonated soft drinks, sparkling waters and non alcoholic cocktails at home has never been so easy, healthy or affordable.

The SodaSparkle home soda maker kit includes a soda maker machine that is compact and portable for all the family to use; with a wide range of fresh, natural and sugar-free flavors in easy to use single and family-sized servings.

SodaSparkle Features and Benefits:

SodaSparkle turns tap water into easy-to-make carbonated soft drinks, sparkling water and non-alcoholic cocktails at home.
SodaSparkle is quick, fun and easy to use; uses natural flavors; is cheaper than buying soft drinks; and is environmentally friendly.
SodSparkle is a better alternative than bottled drinks from the supermarket because it is cheaper, healthier and less damaging to the environment– and you don’t have to carry heavy bottles and cans home.
SodaSparkle’s 1.3 liter bottle is the perfect size for families with single–serve packets offering individuals the option to choose their own natural flavors.
SodaSparkle is good for the environment because it eliminates the use of plastic bottles at home – it uses disposable and recycable C02 chargers, and is more cost and energy efficient thatn buying bottled drinks from the supermarket.
Natural flavors, single-serve per glass or single serve per bottle.


Soda sparkle

Now for my review, I received the dual bottle starter kit. When I received my SodaSparkle I wanted to use it as soon as I got it but after reading the directions carefully it said to use COLD water, so I decided to refrigerate my water first just to be safe. I refrigerated the water over night and the next day I got to use my SodaSparkle for the first time. With my SodaSparkle I got two bottles, one is for extra fizz and one is for lighter fizz. I also got five soda chargers, one charger makes one bottle. So I took my charger and put it in the machine, next you screw the machine onto the bottle and turn the machine. This carbonates your water. After you turn the machine and it carbonates you gently shake the bottle of water for 5 seconds just to make sure it all gets carbonated. Last you just pour your water into a glass and add your flavor stick. The flavor sticks I received are apple, lychee, pineapple, lemon cola, and tonic. I love the apple and pineapple, they were my favorites. I love how the SodaSparkle works, its very quick and easy to make your own soda at home and the fizz is just right. I also kept the soda in the fridge for a couple of days and it did not go flat. I hope that SodaSparkle comes out with new flavors soon. This machine is something I plan on using for a long time, it saves money, space, and garbage. I really like the SodaSparkle and give it a big thumbs up!!


SodaSparkle is going to give one of you lucky Sweets a SodaSparkle of your very own. Just enter on the Rafflecopter below and good luck!!

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