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Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away Rated as Best Shark Vacuum of 2015

Why the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is the Best Vacuum On the Market

Are you looking for a new vacuum? Are you looking for one of the best home vacuum cleaners on the market? The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is one of top 10 best vacuum cleaners on the market today. I’m going to tell you why I love this one so much. This has got to be one of the best Shark vacuums on the market right now, and that’s why it needs to be in your home.

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Shark Rotator Powered Liftaway Has Tons of Features

The Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away is the best shark vacuum for pet owners. It instantly transforms into a powered lift away vacuum, and now comes with a true pet mini motorized brush attachment. This is great for cleaning pet hair from furniture and other hard to reach places. It is designed to stand up to tough high frequency messes caused by pets. The hard floor genie is great for removing everything from thumb tacks to pet hair and is gentle enough for hardwood floors. It also comes with two upholstery attachments perfect for removing pet hair. This is just one of the features that make it one of the best home vacuum cleaners. What I like most about using this vacuum is how heavy duty it is, it literally lifts my carpet when running it over it. My carpet is left looking extremely clean, and I have been so satisfied with the look and feel of the carpet after using this vacuum.

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Another feature that makes this one of the top 10 best vacuum cleaners is its superior suction. A vacuum cleaner is only as good as the amount of suction it has to remove dirt from carpet and upholstery. This vacuum has more suction than any Dyson, making it one of the best shark vacuums. It is also preferred two to one over Dyson. Like I said above about my carpet lifting, the shark has so much power that you do need to be careful about the setting you have it on or you will end up vacuuming up cords, socks, or anything in its path. I don’t feel that is a negative component of this vacuum because in the end you get a cleaner carpet so it more than makes up for this.

Shark Powered Liftaway is the Best Shark Vacuum for Dust & Allergens

My son is allergic to dust and cats. While we do not have cats, we do have a German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd cross breed that is a big ball of fur. Since my son was never tested for dog dander we do try to keep his space hair free since we assume if he is allergic to cats the dog is not helping, and this vacuum helps with the GSD hair a lot. This vacuum also has Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology making it the best Shark vacuum for people with allergies, which is why I love it so much. What makes this so important is that if the vacuum isn’t completely sealed, the allergens can escape back into the air before it reaches the Hepa filter. This is super important for people allergic to things like dust. The Powered Lift Away has a superior Hepa filtration system that keeps 99.99% of allergens and dust inside the vacuum keeping the air that you breathe cleaner.

Best Home Vacuum Cleaners on the Market for Versatility

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The Powered Lift Away is one of the most versatile vacuums on the market. In addition to cleaning hard floors and upholstery, it can reach places that Dyson vacuums can’t. It easily cleans under furniture and even ceiling fans so you can keep your house truly clean even in hard to reach places. You can clean all your floors, walls, ceilings, and upholstery with the best shark vacuum out there.

One down side to this vacuum is that it is heavy when in use when the canister is left on the base. Once the canister is removed from the base it is much lighter but you might not want to do floors this way so it is something you need to think about. I recommend that if you buy this in a physical store, and there is a sample out that you practice moving it around as if you are vacuuming your carpet to make sure you can handle how heavy it is. That is really the only thing I wish could change about this wonderful vacuum. With all of that said and done, the Powered Lift Away has many great features that more than make up for the heftiness of it. It is great for people with pets and allergies, and it can clean any room in your home.

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  • Jenn

    I’ve heard so many good things about Shark vacuums. Last time I asked my Facebook friends for a recommendation, a solid 75% of the comments told me to go with Shark. I can’t afford a Dyson, but I know those are really nice too. I think I’ll set some money aside and then go try out one of those Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe and maybe a couple Dyson models.

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