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Seattles Best Frozen Coffee Blends Review

I’m not much of a fan of frozen/cold coffee but my mom is and she got to have these bags of frozen coffee blends to try. She only buys cold/frozen beverages when we go out for coffee. I think its strange but she insists she hates coffee but will drink it if its frozen. Anyway, she really loved these frozen coffee blends, a lot. She said she would be willing to buy them and save money by not purchasing from her normal coffee shop anymore.


I also tried them and they are pretty good. A little too sweet for my taste but pretty good nonetheless. I really like how they are premixed and all you need to do is put them in the blender, blend for a few seconds and pour into your glass. It’s quick and no trip to the coffee shop is needed. I call that a win win.

You can get Seattle’s Best Frozen Coffee Blends at any grocery store. We find them at Safeway, Fred Meyer, Winco and sometimes Walmart. They are always on sale at Safeway 2 for $5.

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