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Save on Automotive Repairs & Services

I’m one of lucky ones because my husband can do most mechanical work himself but we still have to hand over money for the parts, tools, and other supplies needed. Parts can easily add up to hundreds of dollars and tools are an easy $10-$100 each. It’s still cheaper to do the work yourself, of course, but the parts and supplies needed to complete installation can really be expensive. I thought it would be helpful to map out some of the ways I manage to save on the automotive work I need to have done.

  •     Watch for sales:If I need my oil changed it can sometimes be less expensive to do it myself but not always. For example, if I need to replace my oil filter or plugs then I’m looking at more than the price of just oil. So before going the do it myself route I look around for sales on oil changes. Sometimes I can get an oil change for as low as $10 including all supplies needed when I’m getting other services done. For example, I recently had an alignment done on my car and the company offered a steep discount if I did an alignment.


  •        Order parts online and look for coupon codes. One of my favorite places to find great coupon codes and other promotional codes is Promotion Code, this site has a fantastic automotive section that offers a full range of discount codes for all your automotive needs. On the left hand side there’s a full list of different departments. Click on the automotive one and it takes you to a full list of the latest codes available.


  •        Do it yourself route/purchase used parts. This is likely always going to be cheaper than paying a mechanic. You can get used parts from junk yards, look in your phone books yellow pages or do a Google search. Junk yards typically require you to pull the part yourself. Some parts should always be purchased new and these include: brakes and their components, tires, batteries, electrical components, and safety equipment. 



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