Salmon Cakes: A Recipe Review!

Yummy Salmon Cakes from ComfyBellyBlog were a hit at my house. I mean a HUGE hit. Even my 9 year old super picky son ate these bad boys! Not only were they scrumptious but they were seriously easy to make, fast, and a true comfort food. Would I make them again? YES! And I already have…3 times;)

My tips:
  • Use a thick yogurt such as Fage. The thinner yogurt didn’t taste that great but Fage was wonderful in these salmon cakes. And listen to the blogger when she says to use Greek yogurt.
  • Experiment with spices and herbs. I added chili peppers in one of my batches. They were too hot for me but they tasted great! Another time I added fresh dill and chili powder.
  • Fry these bad boys over low heat and use olive oil. I felt the olive oil coated the pan better than other oils. Coconut oil made them stick to my pans and vegetable oil was icky.
Now for the recipe…Well you’ve got to go to ComfyBellyBlog for that because I never asked her permission to post her recipe: ) *Please let ComfyBelly know that Emily’s Frugal Tips sent you.
I will however give you some teasers LOL
salmon cakes recipe
salmon cakes recipe
salmon cakes recipe


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