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Review of Snapper Rock UV50+ Children’s Swimwear

I’m  always looking for gift ideas for my niece and two nephews who are hard to buy for because my sister tends to already buy everything they want before I get a chance to get anything, so when I got the opportunity to try a product from a thriving company named Snapper Rock I had to jump at the chance and I was of course thrilled with what I received, but you will need to read on to see it.

I had the wonderful opportunity to review a 2-piece suite from Snapper Rock . I chose a black and white stripped Tankini. I was very surprised at how nice the fabric is and it’s very durable which is important in a child’s suite. I like the concept of the suite being UV protectant since the sun is so damaging to a child’s skin.

The company is a leading brand in UV protectant children’s wear, their idea came to be when the owner moved from Australia to Annapolis in the United States, and they saw a great need for functional swimwear that was both protectant and extremely durable. The goal has always been to make stylish swimwear that children will want to actually wear. I’d say they rocked that concept, I mean just look at how stylish the suit is I got is!

The company sells a variety swimwear as well as cover ups and accessories plus their product line is for boys and girls.  I know it’s winter time and swimwear is likely not on a lot of minds right now but if you think about it children’s swimwear would make a great holiday gift for a child who has an upcoming family vacation and SnapperRock Swimwear is UV50+ protectant so would be a great addition to their summer wardrobe anyway. Their pricing is also extremely fair for this type of swimwear. The Tankini I received retails for $68.00 plus shipping.

To order you can go to their website ==> Snapper Rock  and please like them on Facebook ==>> Snapper Rock 

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