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Did any of you have Peeps back in the day? I have so many fond memories of them from my childhood. I remember when I was a child I would go crazy for peeps anything, especially during Easter time. I don’t remember them having the chocolate covered peeps back in my day but boy do I like them now days and I would be sad if they stopped making them. I think I may be addicted and may even need an intervention after discovering the chocolate covered peeps! One of my favorite memories is getting the chicks in my Easter basket when I was a child. I just remember looking forward to finding them in there because are were so cute and I loved marshmallow.

Did you know that Peeps & Company have a store inside the Mall of America? Yeah, I didn’t either but it’s listed on their website. That is totally cool if you ask my 10 year old and he would like to visit some day. Check out the picture below of the Peep store inside the Mall of American in MN.

What can I say about Peeps and Mike & Ikes Candy ! Okay, I have to admit that I love Peeps but I have never been a huge fan of Mike & Ike. That did not matter though because as soon as the box of goodies arrived the kids went to town on them. I am not surprised though, because what kid doesn’t love Peeps and Mike & Ikes.  I learned that in the future, when you have this much candy around you need to HIDE the box!! I decided to save a few bags and hide them somewhere the kids would never fine, so I can hand them out during Halloween. The Peeps minis are perfect size for trick or treaters.

We got to try the Mike & Ike Mummy Mix for Halloween and boy were they good. Like I said, I am normally not a fan of Mike & Ike and realistically I did not get to try very many of these because the kids got to them before I  got home from work but these were pretty tasty and I could see these at a Halloween party in a glass bowl next to the bobbin for apples game. I posted a question of Facebook  asking how many Mike & Ike candies are in this glass. You can see the thread here and as you can tell we had a huge amount of people who were guessing. If you would like to participate please leave a blog comment with your guess and I will choose 1 winner from FB and 1 winner from the blog to win a HUGE assortment of coupons. Plus don’t forget to enter the Peeps giveaway listed below. your chance at one of 2 awesome gift boxes! 

My son really wanted to decorate a cake using the peeps minis and chocolate  dipped peeps. The above pictures are his creation and yes he did eat it in a day. Sorry but he refused to smile even when I blurted out depserate jokes in an attempt to get a good laugh.

Simple Cake Recipe

1 Cake Mix, any brand

1 can of frosting any brand


mini peeps

For a fun Halloween activity make a cake as usual, frost it and then add the sprinkles. Use remainder of frosting to coat the bottom of the peeps and place them onto the top of the cake. You can use other peep items or even Mike & Ike’s candies to add more candy variety. My son just chose peeps only:)

The mini peeps are great to hand out for Halloween. You get 34 mini peeps per bag and they are around $3 for a bag and are available in most grocery stores. In fact Peeps can be found at Safeway, Fredmeyer, Walmart and even the Drug Stores.

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