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Review of My Little Green Cleaning Box #holiday

My Little Cleaning Box is a subscription box for green cleaning supplies. Each box arrives once a month and is a $10 subscription per month. In the box you will receive a variety of green samples cleaning products, the items you will receive are a mystery until the box arrives and you open it up. I will say that I received a nice variety of cleaning items that are safe for my house. I received the following items

Rock in Green Laundry Detergent:  I received the Classic Rock Lavender Mint Revival.  This laundry detergent is dye free, naturally scented, biodegradable, has no fillers, no enzymes, has no optical brighteners and is 100% phosphate free. I have to use allergen free laundry detergent for my sons clothing so I naturally wanted to try this product on him since he is the one that would notice is the most. I poured the packet of detergent into the water and then loaded up the washer with his clothing. I did not notice a scent at all but that is a good thing for him since he likely would have had a fit if his clothing smelled like lavender, you know being a 10 year old boy and all:)  What I did notice is he clothes were clean just as if I had used the expensive allergen free soap I usually buy. I also noticed that he did not start itching or acting uncomfortable so I know that the product is truly allergen free.

Full Circle Coffee Machine Cleaning PowderSince I do not own a traditional coffee machine I was not able to review this item but it is an item that someone would need if they wanted to clean their coffee maker.  The product states it is sustainable, biodegradable and phosphate free. To be honest I am not sure if this product can be used for my coffee machine which is a Keurig, it may be that I can use it but I am not sure so I won’t try. Likely it will be tucked in my sample pile for giveaways 😉


Full Circle Coffee & Espresso Equipment Descaling Powder: I was really excited to see this in my box of goodies because I actually need to descale my Keurig machine since it’s been a while since I last did it. I received 1 packet, enough for one descaling. I added the powder to water and then poured it into my machine and followed the directions. The powder worked wonderfully to descale my machine. For expensive coffee and espresso machines it is extremely important that you descale regularly or the coffee and other debris will build up over time and actually break the machine.

Clearly Clean tub & Tile Cleaner: My son had the chance to use this when he was cleaning his bathroom and I felt comfortable with him using it since I knew it was safe for him and he would not be poisoned if  he happened to get some in his eye or mouth or fingers, you know as a mom we think of these what if’s! So, I was extremely happy that this product made him more independent since I did not have to worry about him hurting himself and he was able to clean his own stuff, which is wonderful for mom;) Clearly Clean is allergen free and is palm kernel based. I actually did not see anything on the label that I did not understand and I love it when a company writes clearly and you can understand what’s on the label.

Unique Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator: This was another item that I was not able to use, since we had to find a new home for our parrot a couple months ago due to mine and my families hectic schedule. I gave the product to my mother who has like 20 cats…My mother said it worked well and she used it for the cat boxes and the areas the cats like to mess in.

My Little Cleaning Box contained some useful items for my family. There were 2 items of the 5 that I wouldn’t be able to use, which to me is pretty good considering this is a mystery subscription box of cleaning supplies. Also, most American families do have pets and normal coffee machines in their homes so I wouldn’t even say that the 2 items I could not use would not have be useful to someone else. The subscription box is decently priced at $10 a month and you receive a nice variety of items you need to use anyway.

This little subscription box would be perfect for a holiday gift to someone who loves to clean or is just getting into cleaning green. You can purchase the box at ==>> My Little Cleaning Box  and visit them on Facebook. Every person who signs up with My Little Cleaning Box will get a free eBook called The Joy of Cleaning


This post is part of Emily’s Frugal Tips Holiday Gift Guide 2012

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