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Review of Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm – Summer’s Must Have Item


During the winter everyone knows to protect their lips but when summer comes they are often the last thing on the list of summer must haves. But during the summer months lips get chapped to and it is important to take care of them just as you do in the winter. Long days at the beach can leave your lips feeling no love at all. That’s the worst thing about beach fun for me.

Have you seen the new Carmex Moisture Plus? They come in cute designs that resemble lipstick containers. Very stylish and they come in different patterns to match your purse or outfit. As soon as they arrived my daughter snatched them up quick. I had to go find them just so I could take photos for the review.

Carmex is the only brand that actually heals my chapped lips. I have tried other brands and they just do not hold up to the brand and while it does typically have a strong medicinal scent the new Moisture Plus has a less medicinal smell to it and added sunscreen.

Moisture Plus has everything you need to protect your lips from the harsh sun. It is formulated with Carmex’s ultra hydrating moisture plus technology and has an added bonus of SPF 15 for protection from the sun.

The designs are a limited edition so so definitely get them while you can because once they are gone they may not return.

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