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Find Cheap Textbooks to Rent or Rent yours Out With

When I was in college I remember the most pocket draining cost right after tuition was the textbooks. I recall paying as much as $300 for one book!If I had known about the alternatives to purchasing books I would have saved a lot of money. Had I know their were cheap textbooks to rent online I would have been so excited because it would have meant my family would have ate a little better!

It is graduation season and many students are embarking on the next step on their path to success, what that means for many graduates is they have a lot of books to sell back to the school. As I am sure you are well aware, the school gives you hardly anything back. Instead of selling them, why not rent them out to other students looking for cheap textbooks to rent through and earn more money then if you  were to sell them back to the school.

If you don’t have any books to sell, are you taking classes this summer to get a head start? If so then consider renting your books from CampusBookRentals. You will save up to 90% by renting instead of purchasing your books from your school’s bookstore.

Check out this video that explains more about what CampusBookRentals is about.

While we are on the subject of textbooks, what’s the most you have ever paid for one?

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