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Zaycon Fresh – Purchase Chicken Breast Bulk for $1.69 a Pound!

purchase chicken breast bulk from Zaycon Right Now For $1.69 lb!

At Zaycon you never have to worry about where your food is coming from. The meats are always fresh, chemical and preservative free. All products are always locally grown and they support small time farmers. They sell chicken, ground beef, pork, bacon, sausage, ham, salmon, and other cuts of meat or poultry. They are constantly looking for fresh ways to bring farm fresh to your doorstep, cows milk, eggs, honey, and fruit. Right now is a great time to purchase chicken breast bulk because it’s on sale for $1.69 a pound. The breasts are huge!

A few years ago we at Emily’s Frugal Tips, had the opportunity to review Zaycon Fresh chicken breast, and we’ve been hooked ever since. We eat a lot of chicken breast at home because its healthier, but boneless breasts can get expensive at the stores. Zaycon chicken is sold by a 40 pound box and is $1.84 $1.69 per pound. 40 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast will run you $67.60. For large families the ability to purchase chicken breast bulk allows you to feed your family for much less.

purchase chicken breast bulk

With Zaycon you are required to purchase chicken breast bulk but its much smaller amounts than what you would be required to buy elsewhere. For example the chicken event is sold in units of 40 pound boxes. 40 pounds is a lot of chicken but you can freeze it and use it throughout the year. For a family of 4  a 40 pound box will probably last you 6 months if used a couple times a week. If chicken is the only meat you eat then you will probably need to purchase at least 2 units.

My experience with ordering the chicken from Zaycon

I have to admit I envisioned my pickup to be a small time little event where you walk up to a trucker and he hands you a box from his trunk. Yeah, that was so not how this went down. I never got out of my car. We did have to wait in a line but the wait was relatively quick. Like under 5 minutes. Once the chicken was in my trunk, and by the way they put it inside of my trunk for me. I just drove home and unloaded it into my house.

This is what the box looked like. It wasn’t a huge box but wasn’t tiny either. the chicken came in a blue bag and within the blue bag are 4 10-lb bags of chicken breast. To purchase in your area you can use this link to find your location

purchase chicken breast bulk

Now let’s talk the chicken. I didn’t really believe people when they told me the chicken breasts are huge but they really are! They look like turkey breasts! They are the largest chicken breasts I’ve ever seen in my life but its not because they are pumped full of anything fishy. Happy chicken that are allowed to roam free tend to be larger naturally. Each breast will easily feed two people!

purchase chicken breast bulk

If you would like to purchase from Zaycon, deliveries are happening all over the United States right now. Many of Zaycon’s products only come once a year so make sure to buy right away.

Create an account here, add your personal information so they can set your area of delivery and show you the products. When you refer friends and they buy you will get $1 for every sale they make in referral credit!

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