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peeled snacks
I was approached by Peeled Snacks to do a product review recently. I’ve seen this product inside Starbucks but have never tried it. Normally when I buy at Starbucks it’s a Pumpkin Spiced Latte and that’s about it. Anyways, I gladly accepted the opportunity to review Peeled Snacks because I noticed they are Gluten free. I’ve been trying to eliminate as much gluten from my diet as possible without sacrificing taste. The snacks are just dried fruit. The snacks are chemical free, and the ingredients list lists only the fruit. I felt safe enough with these snacks that I fed them to my parrot, something that a rarely do with a new company I’ve never tried before. If they didn’t harm her then they certainly aren’t going to harm us. The fruit tastes fresh.  I did add some seasonings to my fruit snacks such as chili powder and ginger to my Macho-ado- about mango, and cinnamon to my Pine 4 Pineapple.
I tried 6 varieties of dried fruit snacks; Banana-a-peel, Cherry-go-round, Pine-4-pineapple, Apricot-a-lot, mucho-ado-about-Mango, and Apple-2-the-core. My favorite was Cherry-go-round and Pine-4-pineaple. I did not care for the Apricot-a-lot, they weren’t very good, and I do not like bananas. The fruit is not crunchy-dried; they are still somewhat moist and easy to chew.
Peeled Snacks is all about producing a quality product without added chemicals or sugars. You won’t find any unwanted ingredients with Peeled Snacks. The snacks are USDA Certified Organic. What’s on the ingredients list is fruit and that’s it! I also like that they produce these snacks on sustainable farms. The great thing about these snacks is that in each single serve pouch you get 1 full serving of fruit.
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