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PowerSkin (iPhone/Android portable battery packs usually $50-$60) on Sale for One Penny on Cyber Monday

Update: So Cyber Monday sales are now over BUT I left a product in my cart by accident and woke up to a 45% off coupon! So if you still need to purchase a few of these for your gift list I suggest adding one to your cart, wait 24 hours and see if a 45% off coupon shows up in your email account. You would of course to make an account for them to have your email though. Just  heads up. Hope this helps my readers.

Starts 12:00 am ET!

Oh my gawd! I cannot believe my eyes on this one. Cyber Monday just got a whole lot better. Powerskin iPhone/Android portable battery packs usually $50-$60) on Sale for One Penny on Cyber Monday. Yes you read that right. You will be able to pick up one of these very useful portable battery packs for one cent! YES one single penny! Read on for the details. There is a promo code you will need to enter


All day long on Cyber Monday Powerskins will be only one cent but you need to enter promo code penny during checkout. Shipping is not included, but this is a great deal. I have one of these and I love it.

There is a limit of one unit per email address and the offer is for all “PoP’n” packs with the exception of the PoP’n 2.  The chargers are available in a variety of colors including white, black, red and pink.


Shipping is a flat rate of $7.99, so $8 total.

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