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Pilot Pens, Highlighters and Dry Erase Marker Review


As a blogger I have a need for office supplies but they can cost a bundle. That is why when I choose my supplies I go for free with the use of coupons of course, but when I have to pay for them I only purchase brands that I know I can trust. That’s because it is extremely frustrating to bring an office supply item home only to find that it is broken or does not hold up to my expectations. Take my printer for example, I had it less than a year and it’s already broken so I had to get a replacement just last month.

With pens I am even pickier. I like a pen that writes smoothly, an ink that does not bleed through the paper, and it needs to have a consistent ink flow. There is nothing I hate more than a pen that has ink in it but stops writing. So naturally when I found these three ink pens I was excited!

  • B2P ~ Bottle 2 Pen Ball Point Pen: It is hard to know that this pen is made from reclaimable items, plastic bottles to be exact. You really can’t tell the pen is made from a recycled items but I love the fact that it is. Each pen is made from 86% recycled content! I try to do my part to recycle and watch what I buy because I don’t like to be wasteful. That’s why when I found this pen I was so excited. I like the way the pen fills in my hand, it has a smooth feel to it that makes it feel differently than other pens. It is smear proof  and is retractable and refillable. The pen also sports a comfortable rubber free latex grip for easy comfortable writing. The ink in the B2P is OK but I prefer gel pens. I did not find that this pen is any different as far as writing is concerned, than other pens on the market.  It is true that it does not smear and that is something that I look for when purchasing pens. The unique thing about this pen is it’s recycled plastic material.  B2P Ball Pen is sold in bar coded boxes of 12 for $1.30 each pen.
  • Pilot G-2 07 ~ Gel Roller Ball Pen: This is my favorite pen from the ones that I received. I love how smooth it glides over paper when you write. According to Pilot it lasts 2x longer than other gel pens, and I put that claim to the test by using it for a month writing reports at my current social services job, and after one month the pen is still going strong. I like that the pen has a contoured rubber grip for writing comfort; with my current job it is painful to write due to the amount of writing we do and the grip on this pen helps a lot. It does not feel any different than other gel pens and the ink inside is similar to others I have had. The only difference I have seen is with the ink reservoir lasting longer. G 2 07 sells per box of 12 and are 2. 14 each pen.
  • Pilot FriXion Point ~ Erasable Gel Pen:  I’m not sure what to say about this one. It’s erasable and for a pen I’m not sure how that is helpful in business but it is handy at home for making grocery lists or in blogging when I need to write my list of upcoming reviews that are due. I like that it is erasable but I have not really used that functions more than a couple times. That said, the FriXion Point is re writable  you can erase and rewrite as many times as you would like. The ink is a unique thermal-sensitive gel ink that disappears after using the friction eraser that is attached at the end of the pen.  FriXion Point is available in dozen boxes and are $2.63 each pen.


Here are some writing samples done with each pen so you can see for yourself how these pens work.

I also had the chance to try some dry erase markers and a high lighter that I am in love with. As a blogger I use a white board to keep track of  business stuff. If I don’t use my white board I often forget what I have signed up to do or will forget important dates and times. So it is very important to me that I have a dry erase marker that will come off of my white board completely. I also like using different colors to put emphases on due dates so it is important to me that my dry erase markers come in a variety of colors.

 Pilot V Board Master White Board  BEGREEN Marker :  These are amazing dry erase markers! For starters I try to be as green as possible and with dry erase markers that is hard to do because once they are empty you have to toss them out. Not so with these, they are refillable up to 4 times.  They’re also made with up to 91% recyclable materials and a savings of 39% over traditional dry erase markers.. The ink is visible, bright and long lasting with chisel bullet point precision.  V Board markers are available in packs of 12 per box and are $1.90 each marker

Pilot FriXion Lite Erasable Highlighter:  The highlighter is pretty neat, for one thing it is erasable. I have never seen a highlighter that is erasable before so I am loving that, and as long as you don’t use it with the erasable pen I mentioned above you will be fine with erasing it!  This highlighter is bright, almost fluorescent actually, which is another thing I like about it. If that weren’t cool enough, it’s available is 5  colors.  I like that it is unique, I mean how many highlighters have you seen with such bright ink. #LOVE it.  It’s available in packs of 12 for $1.50 each highlighter.

So I think I am becoming a bigger fan of Pilot office supplies then I first realized. I am really impressed with the items I was sent for review. The dry erase markers are likely my favorite item but the pens served their purpose well. With how much report writing I do at work  and then everything I do with my blogging and Pr business I found the pens to hold up really well.

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