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Peeps Easter Candy Review

There’s nothing more fun then the Easter holiday and around here we waste no time getting into the spirit of celebrating the Easter bunny. Easter has long been our favorite holiday to celebrate and sometimes my birthday falls on it, making the holiday an even more enjoyable experience for our family.

peeps easter collage

Peeps have long been a go to treat in our kids Easter baskets. I guess you could say this tradition was handed down from my parents since I always had a Peep or two in my Easter basket as well.


The great thing about Peeps is there is so many types of them that is makes it so easy to meet everyone’s needs. Normally I’m not much into Peeps but cover them in chocolate and I’ll eat them like they are going out of style tomorrow. My husband doesn’t like chocolate but loves marshmallow. The kids will pretty much eat any type of Peep known to man. The point being, Peeps truly are for every type of Easter candy lover.

Here’s an overview of what we received. All of these items work well in Easter baskets but don’t stop there, you can use them in cake decorating, in cupcakes or even in hot chocolate.

peep egg

The kids really liked this one and it was new for us as we didn’t know Peeps made such an item. Peeps Milk Chocolate Egg retails for $3.90.

peeps mousse

Peeps chocolate mousse are much like the traditional Peeps but in a chocolate version with a dipped bottom. They come in dark and milk chocolate or mint. These retail for $2.00.

case of peeps

Traditional Peeps are most people’s favorite and my kids are no exception. For Easter hunts, a case of Yellow Peeps for $36 would be the way to go.

peeps pink

Peeps come in different festive colors like this pink one, perfect for your little girl or boy (blue color).

party cake peeps

Or for a more festive color and flavor try one of the new Sweet Lemonade, Bubble Gum or Party Cake flavors. You can pick up a package of these for $2.00.

Back to my favorite thing, chocolate! Peeps has mastered the chocolate making art with their PEEPSTERS.


Delicious Peep flavored mini chocolates that are perfect bite sized to put in Easter eggs or pop right into your mouth. Also GREAT in hot chocolate and coffee! You can use these little guys to decorate cake, cupcakes or toss in brownie dough for a ultimate chocolate surprise. However you use them you won’t be disappointed because they are good!

And last but certainly not least we received this super cute snow white marshmallow bunny.

white bunny

I have to admit this one was my favorite even if it wasn’t covered in chocolate. For one thing I just found it to be really cute. I could see it packed in an Easter basket as a center piece for those that may not have a lot of money to spend on Easter goodies.

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