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Merrick Classic Dog Food Review – #BestDogEver Easily Digestible Dog Food

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Choosing the right dog food is a constant battle for many families. If you have dog with allergies its even harder to achieve a blissful home. Merrick Classic Dog Food is a potato, wheat, corn, and soy free kibble with limited ingredients so you know what your dog is consuming and you can recognize what the ingredients are on the list. I can attest to having an allergy dog, as I am constantly on the search for easily digestible dog food that won’t break the budget. It’s been a hard year of trying to figure out what my dogs are allergic to. Is it fleas or is it food? If it’s food is it an allergy to a protein, a grain, potato or is sugar the culprit? Raising dogs with allergies is not for the faint of heart. It comes with frequent stomach upset which ends in a mess all over the carpet. It results in high vet bills from chronic ear, bladder, and skin infections. You might see burping, gas that will clear even the men from the room. At one point one of my dogs could have easily beaten my son in a farting contest!

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One common thing in all of the previous dog kibble we had tried was potato. What I found was that when we went grain free it usually would contain potato as a substitute. Merrick Classic Dog Food is not grain free but it is potato free, and the grains are not the typical grains you usually find in dog kibble. These are ancient grains, green peas, brown rice, and barley. Merrick is an easily digestible dog food that researches the importance of proper nutrition in our beloved dogs.

Merrick Classic Dry Dog Food is made with whole health in mind. The flavor I chose is the Classic Real Lamb + Green Peas Recipe with Ancient Grains. This flavor has real lamb as the first ingredient, lamb meal as the second. Wholesome vegetables, a unique blend of grains, Omega 6+ Omega 3 fatty acids, contains leading levels of glucosamine + chondroitin, contains no potatoes, corn, wheat or soy. Merrick Food is a leading brand revolutionizing the dog food industry by ensuring dogs have access to dog food that does not contains common allergens or low quality protein sources. Each classic flavor contains wholesome vegetables and fruits, quality protein sources, and wholesome grains like the new ancient grains that the lam comes with.

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So far my dogs seem to enjoy the food. I gave them a probiotic with the food as a way to aid in converting dog food brands, since my gus have such horrible allergies. I do recommend that you do that as it aids in digesting the food, and soothes the stomach. Merick has 5 classic flavors, they do not manufacture their food in China, are a US company, contain not potato, corn, wheat or soy.

The 5 Merrick Classic Dry Dog Food varieties are

Classic Real Beef + Green Peas Recipe with Ancient Grains
Classic Real Chicken + Green Peas Recipe with Ancient Grains
Classic Real Lamb + Green Peas Recipe with Ancient Grains
Classic Puppy Recipe
Classic Small Breed Recipe
I like that there is a small breed recipe since sometimes kibble size can be problematic for small dogs to chew, and if they don’t chew but swallow instead they can sometimes choke if kibble is too large. I like that the food does not stink, is not too costly, and appears to keep my dogs satisfied. With other brands I have found that there was not enough protein or too many fillers which tend to digest slower but does nothing to keep my dogs healthy and fit. Merrick’s dry dog food is a brand that I feel safe feeding to my dogs. However, my Bichon Frise (pictured in this blog post), is able to eat the regular sized kibble Merrick sent to me. He has had no problems eating it.

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