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Luvs Diapers Prize Pack Giveaway & My Personal Luvs Story #LuvsLeakFreeHoliday

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Luvs. All opinions are 100% mine.

When my oldest was born I did not have much money. I was a single mother, on welfare, and I had no job or experience outside of my parents home. Wanting to be on my own I moved to  tiny apartment in a bad neighborhood so my daughter and I could have our independence. Life was not easy back then. This was long before I decided to go to college, and finding a job with no experience was really hard. I remember having an interview at Burgerville, and I was so desperate to get it but then end no job came. It went like that a lot back then. Life was really hard for her and I.

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She was only 1 year’s old, and of course still in diapers. I remember all the craze was this other brand, but they were too expensive so I started buying Luvs and the rest was history. Luvs worked just as well, and I began noticing she was no longer wet all the time. I came to the conclusion that not only was the Luvs brand cheaper but they worked better than the “other” brand that was way more expensive. Luvs helped me so much back then.

Luvs diapers, a trusted name in baby care, knows that the holiday season is full of
moments, but they don’t want diaper leaks be one of them. This holiday, Luvs wants everyone to celebrate a Leak-Free Holiday.

Watch the Luvs Leak proof video to see how they work under “pressure”

From December 9th – 25th, for every view their Will It Leak “Santa Suit” video receives on their social media channels, Luvs will donate  diapers to children  in need through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

My story is not unique, I am sure. There are a lot of moms even today that struggle financially. Diapers are a necessary thing and unfortunately they are not cheap. So when a brand does the same thing as another more expensive brand we naturally go for the less expensive one. That extra money we save is spent on more important things, like food or formula for our little ones.

This holiday season switch to Luvs, and save money and stress. Leaks can disrupt even the most routine baby’s sleep schedule during the holidays. Keeping baby leak-free through the night will make for a merrier morning. Luvs Leak Barrier Leg Gathers ensure leaks are kept away from holiday outfits and in our diaper – where they belong! Leaking was an issue for me when my daughter was a baby, until i met Luvs. Once I switched to Luvs I literally saw no more leaks. If I had a baby today I would not hesitate to use Luvs again.


One lucky winner is going to walk away with this AWESOME prize package

Branded Luvs tote bag
#LuvsLeakFreeHoliday travel coffee mug
Hot chocolate
Luvs branded purple star ornament
My First Kwanzaa book
Plush Musical Dreidel
Hanukkah gelt
Two packs of Luvs diapers
A tub of Luvs wipes

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  • Birdie

    My funny Holiday mishap was years ago trying to get our cat out of the Christmas tree and winding up flat on my keyster, cat in hand with a tree on top of me surrounded by ornaments and lights in the middle of the night with no one to come to our rescue!

  • beth

    The best one was the kids sneaking out in the night to spread reindeer food that was very messy and trying frantically to make sure the reindeer ate it the next morning.

  • Connie Tillman

    My holiday mishap was when we had our family dog growing up — he would get very jealous that the cat could sit in the tree – we went out to visit family – came home to the tree on the floor — and him sitting on top of the tree — Silly dog — 🙂

  • James Robert

    I remember with my twins having one in the car seat as we were traveling and had a mess as she leaked and the car seat, her clothing, everything was a huge mess

  • James Robert

    Having 5 kids there were a lot of mishaps with my kids but the one where the diaper explosion in the car was one of the biggest

  • James Robert

    I remember my grandfather coming over to help my mom make gravy for the turkey dinner one Christmas and he tripped and all the juice for the gravy went all over the kitchen. We had no gravy that year and he felt terrible but still a great dinner

  • James Robert

    My sister when she was young could NEVER sleep at night and would come downstairs all night long. My parents said they were up most of the night just making her go upstairs to bed. She was super excited each year so much that she just could not sleep and they were never to happy about it

  • Lisa

    I packaged all my gifts in boxes to wrap….and I had put sticky notes on them so I knew how to label them for who they were for once they were wrapped. But I got a ton of them mixed up somehow and so people opened up the wrong gifts!

  • Dawn Monroe

    I let my teenagers go black Friday shopping with me after a lot of begging and I couldnt figure out why they kept giggling and laughing at every store and every line. Later I learned that they let me walk around all day with a dirty hairy sucker stuck to my butt. Grrrr!

  • James Robert

    This happened to my Aunt but she went shopping with her kids to get gifts for some she needed to buy for. Her son had said to her “Look what I just found and handed her a $100 bill”. She did the right thing and went to the service desk thinking someone would be sick losing their money for Christmas. So she finished shopping and went to pay to only find out her son took the money from HER purse, it was her money her son said he found. She then had to go back and apologize and tell them what happened. That was the only money she had

  • James Robert

    Well, since it happened this morning I will share this. My dad just put presents under the tree this morning for the kids to open when he returns from the store. The kitten just opened up almost every one of them. They are all ripped. We put kitten in the other room for awhile but one of the kids keep letting it out so…..think it messed things up a bit for him and the kids. Some of them I believe already saw what they are getting.

  • James Robert

    Besides the kitten opening gifts and my sons stockings messed up, this year went rather smooth. I did put 2 of the wrong name tags on a gift that was suppose to be for my youngest but the one just older than her, ended up getting the. Since they play together anyway, no big deal but was surprised to see the wrong child open the gifts

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