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My Little Pony is the Hottest Gift Idea of the Season

This review was written by my sister who has younger kids. We were not compensated for this review and all opinions and feedback are our own. Here at Emily’s Frugal Tips we only review items that we have an interest in and we can recommend 100%. If you would like your product featured on Emily’s Frugal Tips please send an email to 
I must say my little pony has got to be one of the best cartoons out there right now. Both of my kid’s who are 8 (girl) and 5 (boy) love this show. So when we got the opportunity to check out the headphones we were so excited. Pinkie Pie is a lot like my daughter; hyper, adorable, sweet and kind. She is one of my daughter’s favorite ponies on the show.  We really liked how the headphone fit comfortably over her ears they did not fall off when grooving to her princess music. I also really loved how these did not cause her headaches as she is prone to getting them from loud noises so this feature was exceptionally nice. My favorite part of the headphones was the volume control  because it’s always been an important feature for me when looking for headphones for my kid’s. Overall we really like these headphone they are amazing, great style and of course pink which little girl’s love. I couldn’t ask for anything better for my little princess.
What I love about these little ear buds is how well they fit in both of my kid’s ears they are 3 years apart so they will fit a variety of ear sizes. The pinkie pie design is really cute and appealing to young children both of my children thought they were fun and attractive although my 5 year old is a boy that did not stop him. The ear bud’s stayed in well during jumping and running , play and worked in all of our devices such as smart phones, nook, and Ipod touch. The cord length was not to long which was nice because my daughter did not get all tangled up in the cord which was very nice. I would recommend both headphone to all of my friend’s and family with young children they worked out nicely and I think I may purchase a set for my son (In a more boyish theme).

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