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Liquid Amino Diet: Week One Starting

I was given the wonderful opportunity to review an amazing weight loss program sponsored by Liquid Amino Diet. I am extremely excited to start this journey to lose weight and get healthy. I started the first phase of the diet on Saturday morning and it has been going well. Right now they are doing a 20% off coupon code. Enter NewYou20 at checkout. This is good right now, January 2015!

Previously I did a diet called HCG diet protocol and lost 30 pounds and have kept it off. What I didn’t like about HCG is that I felt extremely deprived because of the low calorie requirements and the excessively strict diet plan. With the HCG diet plan you only eat 500 calories, but with Amino Diet you can have a LOT more calories and still lose weight. You are also allowed more foods. I like that Liquid Amino’s plan allows a better variety of food, it has a more realistic calorie requirement and you can exercise during the entire program.

new you

Saturday and Sunday were my loading days. Tomorrow (Monday 7/16) I’ll start Phase 1 of the diet. This means a low calorie diet consisting of low glycemic fruits, veggies and meat. I can have small amounts of healthy oils (coconut, olive oil). I think I can have a very tiny amount of bread product like Melba toast or Italian bread stick. There is a diet protocol I have to follow. There’s certain foods I can’t have during phase 1. I’m supposed to drink half my body weight in water daily. That’s a lot of water and to tell you the truth I’m already worried about how I’ll make that happen.

As far as the exercise is concerned, well, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing for that yet. I talked to my sister and we’ll probably go walking a couple times a week. The book my kit came with isn’t too clear on the amount of activity I’m supposed to get so I’ll ask my coach and update you next week

Below pic is before photo. Before start of diet and before my “load” days.

Here’s the link if you would like Lose Weight with this healthy low glycemic diet! Promo code EFT9 will save you $9 off your kit. If you’d like to visit their Facebook Page, where they have over 71,000 fans! If you leave a comment on my blog letting me know you’re interested I can see about a discount code for my followers, but they need to see theirs an interest in the product.


  • ADB

    I just received my plan (ordered it before their current $22 off … ugh) and I plan on starting Monday. I’m taking the weekend to load up on the healthy fats they discuss in the book. I’m also taking the weekend to put together my weekly meal plan. I do have to plan ahead because I work full-time so I will be able to just pull out a “Day’s Plan” index cards and prepare it the night before I need it. The hardest thing I’ve found so far is combining all of the allowable servings in the proper way and under the correct calorie amount.

    • admin

      I work full time to and it is so hard for me but I’m doing it. I like your index card idea! What kit did you purchase? If it was the cheapest kit I’d maybe buy a second kit right now because you will need it if you have more than 30 pounds to lose. $22 off is such a great deal! I’m working on a blog post to let my readers know about the discount! I’m also thinking about creating a special group for those of us that are doing the diet so we can support each other! Please keep me updated on your progress and good luck:)

  • Noelle P

    Hello, I started the amino diet today and am really excited. Emily, what is your result up until today? Have you lost? Is it easy to stick to?

    Please and thank you!

    • admin

      Hi Noelle P,
      Please see Amino Diet 13-lbs lost for my first week recap. In a nut shell, yes I’ve been doing well with the diet. I lost 13 lbs the first week. the 2nd week slowed down a bit. I will have a week 2 update written this evening. Just know that week one is the hardest ever because you are detoxing your body. The cravings started going away mid week of week 2.

  • paulette

    Are you liking the diet so far? I did the HCG injections over a year ago. Had pretty good results. But now I feel I am regeining some weight plus still have much to go. I was thinking of trying this one. Need something that keeps me healthy AND ungrumpy.

    • admin

      It’s a lifestyle change. I have a friend who did the injections while I did the hcg drops. She gained everything back while I am still below the weight I lost. the difference is I stuck to the program start to finish and kept eating the same way after-clean eating. The Liquid Amino Diet works the same way the HCG drops do but you get to eat more calories. I won’t lie to you and say I’m having a blast. I am not. It is seriously hard. Yesterday I wanted a diet dr pepper and a cookie so so bad:(

  • Robin

    Just remember Nothing Tastes as good as Thin Feels.
    I’m getting me stuff either Thurs or Fri and my daughter inlaw is doing this with me so is her siste,r so were excited and can’t wait to get started.
    Congrats! on the 13 lbs wow thats great!

  • Jill

    I did the hcg diet a couple of years ago, putting the hcg under my tongue. Do the amino drops kill your appetite and give you a little bit of a antidepressant-like lift the way the hcg did?

    • admin

      It has an appetite suppresent in it. As for antidepressant life, I’m not sure because I get B12 shots that do that. If you want to try the diet use code EFT9 to save $9

  • Leslie

    just wanna know if your still on the plan or how well you did? oh yeah and are you able to do a 5hr energy drink on it? oh yeah and let me know if you do have a discount code would love to try this, I did the hcg but not well do to the too low calorie intake..this sound a lot more realistic..

    • admin

      Hi Leslie,

      I am not currently on the plan at the moment but have plans to start again. Then diet is one that you do not stay on long term. There is several phases to the diet and the low calorie part lasts only 30 days! There is still an active code for my readers and it is EFT9, that will save you $9. I am working on creating a support group for my readers so we can all support each other

      • Amy

        Hello and Happy Holidays! I’m thinking of starting the LAD in January and was wondering if there is a discount or coupon code available? I would greatly appreciate it…

  • Jessica C

    Hey , I was wondering how much weight did you lose while taking these drops? Also could you blog about your experience and maybe a before and after picture

    • admin

      Hi Jessica,

      I lost about 20 pounds but gained some of it back because I went back to some of my bad habits. I will be working on a weight loss page of my blog for the new year. Stay tuned

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