Liquid Amino Diet – Week 3


The week started off well, I was down 4 pounds and eating right and drinking my water. But then life got in the way and I decided to have a cheat day. The cheat day caused a weight gain of 2 lbs and a stall and then it led to an additional 2 days of cheating. So yeah, week 3 wasn’t a pleasant one for me and I’m now up 3.5 lbs that I’ll have to work my tail off to lose. The moral of the story, do not cheat because it will stall you for days.

Today I was really discouraged over the weight gain and the stall and I was seriously considering throwing in the towel. What got me focused again is the fact I went into my closet today and pulled out a shirt that used to be too small and guess what, it fits and is a bit loose on me! That really sold the diet for me. I told myself, look “this diet actually works. It’s not easy but it works. You have to stick with it and you will be able to reach your goals.”

I learned this week that even if you cheat you have to pick yourself up and keep going. The program actually talks about this on their face book page they recommend that if you cheat you just go on as if it never happened. You won’t ever get to goal weight if you let a cheat day or 2 keep you down. So even though I am up 3.5 lbs on Monday I will go to work and continue on with the Liquid Amino Diet and I will succeed in this journey.

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  • Maria

    I’m glad I read this review. A friend of mine tried a similar product and was getting constant headaches. Prob the reduction of sugar but this seems to be different. thanks for your nice update.

  • admin

    Constant headaches will occur with this diet as well for the first week. It’s because your body is withdrawing from major sugar addiction. After the first week the withdrawals get less intense or none existent depending on how much sugar you were consuming. White sugar is a killer and you realize that after doing this kind of diet. No food you put into your body should cause withdrawals so it’s obvious white sugar is bad for you, lol

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