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Amino Diet Update – Week 3 Progress + Save $23

Mom and I are just finishing up week 3 of the Liquid Amino Diet. Things have been difficult, I won’t pretend its been easy but I have faith in the diet that it does work. It took me a good 2 weeks to be at the point that I was sticking to the diet without eating off plan, so I need to be on the drops for at least another two weeks. Realistically I’ll probably stay on the drops until the bottle runs dry. Then I’ll move on to the next phase.

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dinner oct 16th

Mom was having an even harder time, and she is still struggling quite a bit. Her biggest obstacle is the soda. She is used to drinking several 16oz cups a day. Plus she has diabetes and is going through menopause so her losses are going to be slower and that has frustrated her since she expected to drop big numbers the first week and it didn’t happen.

  • My total loss so far is just shy of 10 pounds. I did have TOM in those 3 weeks, so that had caused some weight gain/bloating.
  • Mom has lost a total of 5 pounds but again she has really been struggling with the program.

We are both pretty much detoxed at this point. I have been drinking diet soda so I will try and eliminate that as well during the next couple weeks. I NEEDED the diet soda to be able to survive! It was pretty brutal detoxing from sugar and all the goodies I had been eating before this plan. I was a MAJOR carb eater. I would eat a loaf of fresh bread every other day, so you can imagine this was REALLY hard for me. I had headaches and still do a little bit. Mad cravings for things I rarely eat. Like cornbread with drizzled honey. I have eaten corn bread maybe 3 times in the last year so I have no clue what that craving was about! I had other cravings to that just didn’t add up, things I very rarely eat. So in the end I sum it up to detoxing.

There was also a peanut butter cheat thrown in the mix but it was all natural with no sugar or oils added, so it was not a BAD cheat. Still a cheat though. Also there have been an occasional Dutch Bro’s sugar free made with half and half small coffee. NOT on plan and I need to stop, I know 🙁

Liquid Amino Diet has been good to us but like I said, it’s been really hard on me not having the carbs and sugar. I am sure a lot of it is just old habits diet hard. One things for certain though, I won’t be going back to refined sugar ever again. I am going to phase it out of my families diet completely and replace it with better for you options like fresh honey and stevia products.

I’ll update my readers in a couple week with new weight loss and maybe some recipe ideas.

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