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LifeFone Mobile Smartphone Personal Security APP Now Available Nationwide

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Have you ever felt unsafe while out and about shopping. What about when you are coming back from a dinner date, and it’s dark outside. How safe do you feel your teen daughter is when she is running around town, coming home from work, or hanging out with friends? What if there was something that you or a loved one could download onto your phone to keep you safer? Would that not be great?

Family Guard Makes Families Feel Safer

Feeling safer away from home does not have to feel difficult or be expensive. LifeFone’s Mobile Personal Security, mPERS app, powered by SmartTek Systems, makes life easier for you. The personal on star like app is now available NATIONWIDE. It is available for Android and iPhone based users. That means that this app is available to most cell phone users that use a smart phone! It is like taking your security system out of the house.

With one touch of a button on your smartphone you can feel protected with GPS tracking, and immediate access to LifeFone’s call center, where a professional who can even offer concierge security service if you feel threatened and wish to be accompanied by security until you feel safer, is ready to help.

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The cost is just pennies a day!

LifeFone costs just pennies a day, but offers the convenience of having the peace of mind that you can get help with the touch of just a button at any time for any reason. This is great for emergencies, robberies, domestic violence, and so much more. When I read about the app I immediately thought of times of serious emergency where you cannot let it be known that you have a phone. An example I can think of is a school shooting, a bank robbery, when a victim of domestic violence needs to get help but has to be quiet so maybe she cannot talk.

Some of the features I really like include the following

1. You don’t have to speak to get help when you press your button.

2. Your call center immediately accesses the profile you’ve provided when you press your panic button. They know who you are, what vital medical and personal information to relay to first responders.

3. The ability to locate you is often more precise than 911.

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Mobile Alert & Family Guard offers many benefits

LifeFone Mobile Alert and LifeFone Family Guard will connect you to the proper authorities, along with correct location, and they use Google maps which is more accurate, and results in faster help. LifeFone Mobile Alert and Family Guard can help authorities get accurate information such as medical information, notify others who have been designated as points of contact, as well as help the user get quick immediate help. The entire family can down load, and use this APP, which can help parents feel more confident about allowing their teenagers more freedom as they get older.

Our Consumer Friendly Policies Apply to All LifeFone Services:

  • Cancel at any time and pay only for the time you’ve used
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Lifetime Subscriber Price Guarantee
  • Unlimited Emergency Contact Notifications
  • No activation fees
  • No equipment to purchase

For just pennies a day you can download LifeFone Mobile Alert and LifeFone Family Guard  APP through Google Play Store or in the Apple Store. To get started, just visit LifeFone or call 1-800-882-2280.

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