I’m not Weird I Have SPD – Review

I’m Not Weird I Have SPD by Chyna Lairdis an educational book about Sensory Processing Disorder, a rare condition in which the sensory systems are heightened to the extreme. By reading this book you will learn through the eyes of a young child suffering from SPD. This book is great for educators in the special education classroom or other programs working with children with sensory disorders. In my opinion, this book is a must read for anyone working with a child who could or has been diagnosed with any sensory issues or illnesses, including developmental delays in the spectrum disorder bracket.

This is a book that should be in every special education classroom. I say that because even if a child has not been diagnosed with SPD often other developmental diagnoses have some of the characteristics. For example, I once worked with a child who was diagnosed with low functioning Autism. This particular child suffered from sensory dysfunction symptoms such as sound, touch and even smell.

I’m not Weird I Have SPD by Chyna Laird would also be an excellent book for a parent who has a child diagnosed with SPD because the book explains how the illness  effects a person through the eyes of  a child who has the condition.
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