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HP Savings Center Portfolio and HP Printables Delivered Right to Your Printer

It can be tough trying to manage all the coupon savings, coupon prints, managing recipes and creating menu plans and still have time for your family. I remember when I started this blog two years ago it was very difficult for me to manage everything I had to do both in raising a family and providing money saving strategies for our readers. If I would have had the tools that are available today back then I would have had it much much easier!

Then comes along the new HP Portfolio and Printable Savings Center! No more spending long hours planning strategically to save. With Emily’s Frugal Tips teaming up with HP we have you covered! I am really enjoying the new Savings Center because it can be tailored to my specific needs.

Basic Personalization and Preferences Allow You to Have one Stop Aggregation to:

  • grocery shop, dine out, shop retail and find local services
  • print coupons from your smart phone
  • save $120 each month on groceries and have coupons delivered right to your printer automatically
  • find recipes and create weekly menu plans

Why HP Savings

  • Easy to use – savings are delivered right to your computer.
  • Saves preferred savings so you always get what you need.
  • Gives plenty of variety so you never get bored.

Signing up for HP Savings Center is Easy

  • create account at Savings Center
  • choose your printables
  • select content selections, days and times
  • receive your coupons on your scheduled day on time every time!

Ease of Layouts and Creating Menu Plans

You are able to select different layouts so that you are able to save ink and paper. 6 variable sections with 4 different sections that break into meals, breakfast, house cleaning ,ect. Custome clipping customization is also available which allows you to clip and angle coupons to fit as many onto a page as possible.

This post is brought to you as part of the HP Savings Center bloggers program. There might be affiliate links and/or review items featured in this post. Regardless, my opinions are my own.

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