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How I shop For Free and You Can To!

Would you like to get items for free like I do? It’s simple really and takes me no more than 30 minutes a day, often a lot less than that even. I got the pots and pans you see in my pictures completely free. I’ve received other freebies over the years as well. The most recent items are boots, school clothing, video games, groceries and much more completely free. How I get these items is really easy.

I use two programs exclusively to earn free gift cards and PayPal money. I  also use a few Survey sites to earn cash  or electronics. You can earn much more than gift cards and paypal but I prefer to cash out for those items because I use my rewards money to purchase things we need for my family. Actually, the survey sites I like to save up until Christmas time and then cash out to use on gifts, that way I’m not spending all our hard earned money of stuff I’m just giving away anyway:)

Here are the top programs I use

I use Swagbucks search engine to search for anything I would normally use Google for. You earn points randomly by using their search engine to search for things. There’s really no rhyme or reason to how the rewards works on the search engine part, you just want to use it whenever you need to search something. In addition to the search engine Swagbucks also has surveys, games, and other reward point’s opportunities.  They also hand out points through special codes they release through their blog and face book page. Sign up for the program today by clicking here Swagbucks.


SuperPoints is my favorite reward’s program because it’s so darn easy to earn with them. All you do is push a button called Super Lucky Button. The thing a lot of people forget to do is complete their advanced profile. If you don’t complete that you are stuck at 5 spins. Once you complete the advanced profile which takes about 1 minute to complete you get 30 spins a day. As low as 600 points gives you an Amazon gift card plus there are Paypal money options, electronics, and other gift cards like Starbucks, Home Depot, ect. It does not take long to save up either since it’s so easy. Sign up for them through this link SuperPoints.== This program is no longer available.

Valued Opinions is the survey site I use most frequently because the surveys are shorter and pay more. They also have a lot of survey options. I’m able to make at least $100 every month just by completing surveys from this site. Some of the surveys are for your children so you don’t need to do much more than supervise them. So it’s crossing the line into child labor but hey, moma’s gotta eat rightJ. Each survey pays out up to $5 and on rare occasions they pay more than that. The average pay for a survey is around $2.00. You can sign up by hitting the banner in the left corner of this paragraph


 If you sign up for the programs today you will  have plenty of time to save up $$$ for Christmas shopping in November and December.  My gift cards come in handy during Black Friday!

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