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Today is homecoming at my daughter’s school, and she is in her room getting ready for it. This is an exciting time for us but all these dances can get expensive if we don’t budget carefully. For a typical family spending hundreds of dollars on a dress we’re probably going to want to get something that can be worn more then one time and it would be even better if it were something that you could add accessories to so the dress will look different each time it’s worn. My daughter has plans to go to more then one homecoming and we had to make it clear that there would only be one dress purchased so she had better pick one she really liked. That’s when we found homecoming dresses at an online shop called dressfirst the dresses are very affordable and they have several styles we fell in love with. They are a leading manufacturer of special occasion dresses and are known for their quality structure and elegance.

Ultimately we ended up going with a dress from  a local shop but we did find a few dresses she was thinking about for junior prom. She is a freshmen but she  will be going to junior prom with friends. Here’s a few of the dresses we really liked from dressfirst. The dresses we found were all around $100 which is a good price for a junior prom gown.

Our favorite is this Empire Strapless Knee Length gown because of the large flower on the waist area. The crazy part is this dress is only $100.99! At the dress shop we got my daughter’s dress we paid around $150. So this dress would have been a better choice for us and it actually comes in at least 23 different colors! We are thinking it would work for junior prom, what do you think?

eb74f124db81db55e28825d24a1071b0 has a large selection of dresses, not just homecoming or prom but other special occasions and weddings. Their wedding dresses of 2013 are absolutely stunning and if I were getting married again I would be in heaven. You can find a gorgeous gown for under $300  on their site  but if your budget allows for more you will do just fine because they have dresses of all prize ranges. To give you an idea, my sister purchased a dress very similar to this one two years ago when she got married. She paid $550 plus extra to have it altered. The one below is just $262.99!!

7f8bfb6b04d87473daaafe440f50b5bbAll dresses ship FREE! That is a huge deal because competitors don’t do that, they charge you up to the eye balls in “special fees” to ship wedding dresses.

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