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Holiday Gift Guide – The Trash Pack Trash Wheels Junk Yard

This review has been provided by our Va Crystal

merry christmas bannerThis post is part of our holiday Git Guide Hottest Gift Ideas for 2013 and contains a product review. It was written by our virtual assistant Crystal who has small children and recommended this product to you. We were not compensated for this review and all opinions are our own. If you have a product you would like Emily’s Frugal Tips to feature this year please email Emily at


Trash Pack Junk Yard play set is definitely my 5 year old sons cup of tea. Just the words “trash” and “junkyard” are enough to get him excited. When I learned I was going to be given the chance to review the item it was very exciting. My little boy loves cars , monster trucks and pretty much anything with wheels and garbage. This little play set includes 1 junk yard and 2 little trash wheel vehicles. My little guy is going to have a blast trying to not get crushed and fixing his trashed cars. This is going to give him hours of play. I can not wait for Christmas morning for him to open it up and watch him get all excited I can already see his expression and it’s going to be priceless. This Trash Pack Junk Yard play set is priced right and appeals to young children, it offers hours of play that will keep my little guy entertained for hours.

You can purchase Trash Pack Junk Yard at Walmart, Toys R Us, Target and most stores that sell toys.

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