Halloween Costume Photo Contest Photo Submission Deadline Nov 5th

halloween contest graphicOkay so it’s been decided. We are doing a Halloween photo contest! If you want to enter please send photos to You may have 1 entry into the kids and one entry into the adults. ONE entry per category PER family please.

Photo submission deadline is November 5th 5:00PM pst time

Contest voting will start on Nov 6th and go through Nov 13th!

The person with the highest votes will win. In the event there is tie we will have a final voting of those and then decide who has won.

Photos will be put into a collage with #’s. Our readers, their friends and family will vote. Deadline to enter photos into the contest is Nov 5th! Please share with your friends and family so they can participate if they want.

Prizes will be announced later but I am thinking we’re going to do a grand prize and a runner up!


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