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Growing a Lemon Scented Garden

A highly fragrant garden doesn’t just happen by accident, but involves careful planning and

plant selection by the gardener. Citrus scented plants add an uplifting element to any garden,

even just a couple citrus scented plants can change the entire scent experience of a garden.

Try adding all, or just a couple, of these lemon scented plants to your garden for the ultimate

fragrance all summer long.

lemon garden

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena is one of the most popular citrus herbs because it is easy to grow, commonly

found in nurseries and is especially fragrant. As an herb it can be added to just about any

garden bed, though it prefers poor, well drained soil. Add lemon verbena to containers or the

middle of garden beds where it will grow to be at least a foot tall. Besides enjoying the scent of

this herb outside, it is a great addition to homemade cleaning products and dried fragrance for

the home.

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is a popular culinary herb that can be used for everything from marinades to drinks

to breads. While it has a very strong citrus scent and flavor, it is one of those plants that needs

to be touched or brushed in order for its scent to be appreciated. Use this plant near the borders

of your garden or along pathways where it can be brushed by any passersby.

Lemon Basil

Lemon Basil is a very flavorful herb with a light citrus scent that fills the air in summertime. This

plant is easy to find and even easier to grow, with pliable leaves that can be used as is in the

kitchen. Growing this lemon scented plant is a great way to fill large portions of the garden, and

its not as if you can have too much of it because there are always quick and easy ways to use it


Lemon Catmint

Catmint is a great plant in any garden because it gives the garden a whimsical, free growing

meadowlike look. Lemon catmint is a newer variety that is capable of scenting a huge amount of

space, especially when it is planted in groupings. Try adding it around or under shade trees, in

the background of large gardens, or to create a distinct pathway in a garden.


A little less common in North American gardens, lemongrass is a popular Asian culinary plant

and used in many different beauty products. Use this plant in your garden any way you would

use an ornamental grass, because it grows in clumps that shoot up with attractive reedlike

leaves. Additionally, you can grow it outdoors in a pot and then bring it indoors for the winter


Lemon Thyme

Lemon thyme is a brightly scented variety of the creeping thyme herb. While traditional varieties

of thyme flower and mat, lemon thyme very rarely produces flowers, but when it does they are

tiny white flowers that are not fragrant. The fragrant part of the plant are the stems and leaves,

which are less delicate than other varieties of thyme so use them as borders, but not as a

walkable plant.

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